Shield Reflector

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Shield Reflector
  • Japanese: 反射盾-リフレクター-
  • Romaji: Hanshajun -Rifurekutā-
  • Translated: Reflection Shield -Reflector-
Card type




Effect type

When an opponent's monster attacks, halve the damage, and inflict half the damage to your opponent.

Viz Media lore?: Each time the equipped monster is declared as an attack target, halve the damage to the target, and inflict damage to the attacking monster's controller equal to half the ATK of the attacking monster before the Damage Calculation is resolved.

Manga cards (Galleries: R)

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese 反射盾-リフレクター- 相手モンスターの攻撃時 ダメージを半減させ相手プレイヤーに半減分のダメージを与える



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Negates attacks
Facts about "Shield Reflector"RDF feed
Appears inYu-Gi-Oh! R +
AttackNegates attacks
Card artworkShieldReflector-JP-Manga-R-CA.png +
Card imageShieldReflector-EN-Manga-R.png +
Card typeSpell Card +
Card type (short)Spell +
Croatian nameŠtitni Reflektor +
Effect typeTrigger Effect +
Effect type TextTrigger Effect +
English card imageShieldReflector-EN-Manga-R.png +
English nameShield Reflector +
English name (linked)Shield Reflector +
German nameSchildreflektor +
Greek nameΑντανακλαστής Ασπίδα +
In DeckGekko Tenma +
Japanese card imageShieldReflector-JP-Manga-R.png +
Japanese name反射盾-リフレクター- +
LPDamages your opponent
LoreWhen an opponent's monster attacks, halve the damage, and inflict half the damage to your opponent.
MediumManga +
Non-card imageShieldReflector-JP-Manga-R-NC.png +
Non-physical cardfalse +
Page nameShield Reflector +
Page typeCard page +
PropertyEquip Spell Card +
Property (short)Equip +
Romaji nameHanshajun -Rifurekutā- +
Ruby Japanese name反射盾-リフレクター-
Translated nameReflection Shield -Reflector- +
Yu-Gi-Oh! R chapter appearances025 + and 026 +
Yu-Gi-Oh! R chapter appearances (linked)025 + and 026 +

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