Shadow of Eyes
  • Japanese: 誘惑のシャドウ
  • Romaji: Yūwaku no Shadō
  • Translated: Shadow of Seduction
Card type

Spell[note 1]

Whoever this Spell is equipped to can use pheromones tho tempt their enemies, forcing them into Attack Position.

Viz Media lore?: When an opponent Sets a Monster Card in face-down Defense Position, change it to face-up Attack Position.

Manga cards (Galleries: Yu-Gi-Oh! · GX)

Other languages

Name Lore
Japanese 誘惑のシャドウ このカードの魔力が備わった者は敵を戦闘フェロモンによって誘惑し攻撃を強制することができる



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Attack categories
Must attack


  1. This card is a Trap Card in the English translation.

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