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Shada with Millennium Key
English name
  • Shada
  • Male

High Priest of Pharaoh Atem


High Priests

Anime debut

Yu-Gi-Oh! episode 201: "Memoirs of a Pharaoh"

Appears in
English voice
  • Michael Alston Baley
Japanese voice
  • Nozomu Sasaki

Shada is one of the six priests that guarded Pharaoh Atem circa 3,000 B.C. (5,000 B.C. in the English dub). He wields the Millennium Key. He has a friendship with Priest Seto.


He helped in the fight against Bandit King Bakura when he raided the palace, and led a search party looking for Atem after he was defeated by Bakura, and later found him. He also took part in the fight against Bakura at Kul Elna. Aknadin even betrayed them, knocked Shada out, stole his Key, and became the Great Shadow Magus. He witnessed the resurrection of Zorc Necrophades, and took part in the fight against him. He dies after pushing Atem out of the way of a lightning bolt caused by the presence of Zorc Necrophades. (In the English version, Shada is sent to the Shadow Realm).

Other appearances

Monster ka

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