DMx094 Kaiba's tablet vision

Kaiba, shortly before the vision of Priest Seto holding Kisara up to the "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" tablet.

In the last of the quarter-finals Kaiba found out the eight finalist is Ishizu Ishtar, as the two of them dueled. In the meantime, Kaiba had Mokuba work on translating Ra's text. Ishizu had already predicted Kaiba's moves for the Duel using her Millennium Necklace and foresaw her own victory.[1] In the first few turns of the Duel, Kaiba had Ishizu send plenty of cards from her Deck to her Graveyard. Ishizu used "Exchange of the Spirit", causing both players to swap the contents of their Decks with their Graveyards, leaving Kaiba with very few cards. Almost finished the translation, Mokuba came out to support Seto in the Duel. Ishizu deliberately allowed Kaiba to Summon "Obelisk the Tormentor", so that she may win using "Blast Held by a Tribute", as predicted. However Kaiba was affected by the Millennium Rod and felt "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" calling out to him, feeling it wanted him to Summon it. Kaiba saw a vision of the sorcerer holding Kisara's body up to a "Blue-Eyes White Dragon" tablet. Kaiba followed the instinct, claiming he makes his own future and tributed "Obelisk the Tormentor" to play "Blue-Eyes White Dragon", which he used to attack and defeat Ishizu.[2]


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