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A Set Number (officially Card Number; Japanese: カードナンバー Kādonanbā; not to be confused with the eight-digit code at the lower-left corner of cards) is the ID code found immediately underneath the image on most OCG and TCG cards, on the right-hand side (opposite the edition text, when that text appears). The general format for set numbers is "SET-LN999", where "SET" is the two-, three-, or four-character set prefix, "LN" is the one- or two-letter region abbreviation, and "999" is the set card number. Some older cards, depending on the region, did not have a region abbreviation in their set number, and Series 1 cards did not have a set number at all.

A very limited number of cards have nonstandard set numbers, such as SD1-ENDE1 ("Armed Dragon LV7"), which, instead of the usual three-digit set card number, has "DE" and a one-digit number.

See OCG set prefixes and TCG set prefixes for more information on set abbreviations, and passcode for the eight-digit number in a card's lower left-hand corner.

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