Zexal Collection Tin
Zexal Collection
Set number English name German name Rarity Category
ZTIN-DEV01 Gagaga Magician Gagaga-Magier Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DEV02 Number 20: Giga-Brilliant Nummer 20: Gigabrillant Ultimate Rare Effect Xyz Monster
ZTIN-DEV03 Gagagabolt Gagaga-Blitz Ultimate Rare Normal Spell Card
ZTIN-DE001 Dododo Warrior Dododo-Krieger Super Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE002 Number 61: Volcasaurus Nummer 61: Volcasaurier Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
ZTIN-DE003 Number 19: Freezadon Nummer 19: Frostadon Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
ZTIN-DE004 Gagagaback Gagaga-Rückkehr Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
ZTIN-DE005 Gagagashield Gagaga-Schild Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
ZTIN-DE006 Photon Pirate Photonenpirat Super Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE007 Photon Satellite Photonensatellit Super Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE008 Photon Slasher Photonenschlächter Super Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE009 Kuriphoton Kuriphoton Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE010 Dimension Wanderer Dimensionswanderer Super Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE011 Galaxy Wizard Galaxiezauberer Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE012 Galaxy Knight Galaxieritter Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE013 Number 56: Gold Rat Nummer 56: Goldene Ratte Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
ZTIN-DE014 Starliege Paladynamo Sternenvasall Paladynamo Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
ZTIN-DE015 Message in a Bottle Flaschenpost Super Rare Normal Spell Card
ZTIN-DE016 Accellight Lichtbeschleunigung Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
ZTIN-DE017 Galaxy Expedition Galaxieexpedition Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
ZTIN-DE018 Galaxy Zero Galaxienuller Super Rare Equip Spell Card
ZTIN-DE019 Triple Star Trion Drei-Sterne Trion Super Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE020 Zubaba Buster Zubaba-Brecher Super Rare Effect Monster
ZTIN-DE021 Chachaka Archer Chachaka-Bogenschütze Super Rare Effect Monster

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