Set number Name Rarity Category
WGRT-EN001 Evilswarm Heliotrope Common Normal Monster
WGRT-EN002 Wall of Illusion Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN003 Big Eye Common Flip monster
WGRT-EN004 Kazejin Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN005 Otohime Common Spirit monster
WGRT-EN006 Yomi Ship Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN007 Winged Sage Falcos Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN008 Cyber Raider Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN009 Berserk Gorilla Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN010 Invader of Darkness Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN011 Legendary Jujitsu Master Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN012 Blade Knight Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN013 Big-Tusked Mammoth Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN014 Golem Sentry Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN015 Adhesive Explosive Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN016 Cyber Gymnast Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN017 Cyber Prima Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN018 Majestic Mech - Goryu Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN019 Destiny HERO - Defender Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN020 Archfiend of Gilfer Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN021 Legendary Fiend Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN022 Lyla, Lightsworn Sorceress Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN023 Montage Dragon Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN024 Cursed Fig Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN025 Red Ogre Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN026 Blackwing - Elphin the Raven Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN027 Sauropod Brachion Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN028 Worm Apocalypse Common Flip monster
WGRT-EN029 Worm Jetelikpse Common Flip monster
WGRT-EN030 Infernity Destroyer Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN031 Medium of the Ice Barrier Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN032 A/D Changer Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN033 Playful Possum Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN034 Hypnocorn Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN035 Wattlemur Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN036 Fabled Soulkius Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN037 Power Breaker Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN038 Jurrac Gallim Common Effect Tuner monster
WGRT-EN039 General Raiho of the Ice Barrier Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN040 Meklord Army of Granel Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN041 Skull Kraken Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN042 Skystarray Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN043 Sergeant Electro Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN044 Chow Len the Prophet Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN045 White Night Queen Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN046 Junk Forward Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN047 Swallowtail Butterspy Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN048 Cameraclops Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN049 Madolche Baaple Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN050 Evilswarm Ketos Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN051 Evilswarm Mandragora Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN052 Mogmole Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN053 Deep Sweeper Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN054 Heroic Challenger - Night Watchman Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN055 Garbage Lord Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN056 D.D. Esper Star Sparrow Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN057 Evilswarm Obliviwisp Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN058 Evilswarm Salamandra Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN059 Dododo Warrior Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN060 Mecha Phantom Beast Tetherwolf Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN061 Mecha Phantom Beast Blackfalcon Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN062 Mecha Phantom Beast Stealthray Super Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN063 Gentlemander Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN064 Schwarzschild Limit Dragon Common Effect Monster
WGRT-EN065 Tribute to The Doomed Super Rare Normal Spell Card
WGRT-EN066 Share the Pain Super Rare Normal Spell Card
WGRT-EN067 Stim-Pack Common Equip Spell Card
WGRT-EN068 Black Pendant Common Equip Spell Card
WGRT-EN069 Megamorph Super Rare Equip Spell Card
WGRT-EN070 Dark Core Super Rare Normal Spell Card
WGRT-EN071 Different Dimension Gate Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
WGRT-EN072 Back to Square One Super Rare Normal Spell Card
WGRT-EN073 Mystic Box Super Rare Normal Spell Card
WGRT-EN074 Lucky Iron Axe Common Equip Spell Card
WGRT-EN075 Double Summon Common Normal Spell Card
WGRT-EN076 Ribbon of Rebirth Common Equip Spell Card
WGRT-EN077 Release Restraint Wave Super Rare Normal Spell Card
WGRT-EN078 Berserk Scales Common Quick-Play Spell Card
WGRT-EN079 Shift Super Rare Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN080 Riryoku Field Common Counter Trap Card
WGRT-EN081 Needle Ceiling Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN082 Pineapple Blast Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN083 Adhesion Trap Hole Super Rare Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN084 Covering Fire Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN085 Conscription Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN086 Chthonian Blast Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN087 Dark Bribe Super Rare Counter Trap Card
WGRT-EN088 Nordic Relic Brisingamen Super Rare Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN089 Nordic Relic Laevateinn Super Rare Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN090 Attention! Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN091 Raigeki Bottle Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
WGRT-EN092 Nitwit Outwit Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN093 Butterflyoke Super Rare Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN094 Dimension Slice Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN095 That Wacky Alchemy! Super Rare Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN096 Memory Loss Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN097 Butterspy Protection Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN098 Reverse Glasses Common Normal Trap Card
WGRT-EN099 Fog King Ultra Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN100 High Priestess of Prophecy Ultra Rare Effect Monster
WGRT-EN101 Dragunity Knight - Vajrayana Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
WGRT-EN102 Number 11: Big Eye Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
WGRT-EN103 Safe Zone Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
WGRT-EN104 Zubaba General Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster

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