Turbo Pack: Booster Two
Busta Turbo Numero Due
Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
TU02-IT000"Gladiator Beast Heraklinos""Gladiatore Bestia Heraklinos"Ultimate RareEffect Fusion Monster
TU02-IT001"Chaos Sorcerer""Stregone del Chaos"Ultra RareEffect Monster
TU02-IT002"Gravekeeper's Assailant""Assalitore - Custode di Tombe"Super RareEffect Monster
TU02-IT003"Magical Dimension""Dimensione Magica"Super RareQuick-Play Spell Card
TU02-IT004"Foolish Burial""Sepoltura Sciocca"Super RareNormal Spell Card
TU02-IT005"Beckoning Light""Luce del Richiamo"Super RareNormal Trap Card
TU02-IT006"Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier""Lanciere - Custode di Tombe"RareEffect Monster
TU02-IT007"My Body as a Shield""Il mio Corpo come Scudo"RareQuick-Play Spell Card
TU02-IT008"Magical Stone Excavation""Ricerca della Pietra Magica"RareNormal Spell Card
TU02-IT009"Mist Archfiend""Arcidemone Nebbia"RareEffect Monster
TU02-IT010"Light-Imprisoning Mirror""Specchio Imprigiona-Luce"RareContinuous Trap Card
TU02-IT011"Shadow-Imprisoning Mirror""Specchio Imprigiona-Ombra"RareContinuous Trap Card
TU02-IT012"Anti-Spell Fragrance""Essenza Anti-Magia"CommonContinuous Trap Card
TU02-IT013"Gravekeeper's Cannonholder""Cannoniere - Custode di Tombe"CommonEffect Monster
TU02-IT014"Necrovalley""Necrovalle"CommonField Spell Card
TU02-IT015"Autonomous Action Unit""Unità d'Azione Autonoma"CommonEquip Spell Card
TU02-IT016"Anti-Spell""Anti-Magia"CommonCounter Trap Card
TU02-IT017"Reflect Bounder""Riflettore"CommonEffect Monster
TU02-IT016"Mausoleum of the Emperor""Mausoleo dell'Imperatore"CommonField Spell Card
TU02-IT019"Gravekeeper's Commandant""Comandante dei Custode di Tombe"CommonEffect Monster
TU02-IT020"Iron Core of Koa'ki Meiru""Nucleo di Ferro di Koa'ki Meiru"CommonNormal Spell Card

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