Turbo Pack: Booster Three
Turbo Pack: Booster Drei
Set number English name German name Rarity Category
TU03-DE000 Caius the Shadow Monarch Caius der Schattenmonarch Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TU03-DE001 Dark Grepher Finsterer Grepher Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TU03-DE002 Rescue Cat Rettungskatze Super Rare Effect Monster
TU03-DE003 Morphtronic Celfon Morphtronisches Celfon Super Rare Effect Monster
TU03-DE004 Rekindling Wiederaufleben Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TU03-DE005 Treacherous Trap Hole Heimtückische Fallgrube Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TU03-DE006 Gladiator Beast Retiari Gladiatorungeheuer Retiari Rare Effect Monster
TU03-DE007 XX-Saber Faultroll XX-Säbel-Faultroll Rare Effect Monster
TU03-DE008 XX-Saber Ragigura XX-Säbel-Ragigura Rare Effect Monster
TU03-DE009 Magical Android Magischer Android Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU03-DE010 Dark Eruption Finsterer Ausbruch Rare Normal Spell Card
TU03-DE011 Saber Slash Säbelhieb Rare Normal Spell Card
TU03-DE012 Destiny Hero - Diamond Dude Schicksals-HELD - Diamond Dude Common Effect Monster
TU03-DE013 D.D. Crow D.D. Krähe Common Effect Monster
TU03-DE014 Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth Superantiker Tiefseekönig Coelacanth Common Effect Monster
TU03-DE015 Koa'ki Meiru Drago Drache von Koa'ki Meiru Common Effect Monster
TU03-DE016 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Kycoo, Geistzerstörer Common Effect Monster
TU03-DE017 Nobleman of Crossout Adliger der Auslöschung Common Normal Spell Card
TU03-DE018 Cloak and Dagger Umhang und Dolch Common Continuous Trap Card
TU03-DE019 Gladiator Beast War Chariot Gladiatorungeheuer-Streitwagen Common Counter Trap Card
TU03-DE020 Pollinosis Heuschnupfen Common Counter Trap Card

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