Turbo Pack: Booster Six
Sobre Turbo: Número Seis
Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
TU06-SP000 Dark Armed Dragon Dragón Armado Oscuro Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP001 Sanga Sanga del Trueno Ultra Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP002 Chain Disappearance Desaparición en Cadena Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TU06-SP003 Masked Dragon Dragón Enmascarado Super Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP004 Fishborg Blaster Pistolero Pezborg Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-SP005 Quickdraw Synchron Sincrón de Desenfunde Veloz Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU06-SP006 Zombie Master Amo de Zombis Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP007 Stardust Dragon Dragón de Polvo de Estrellas Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-SP008 Red Dragon Archfiend Dragón Rojo Archidemonio Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-SP009 Black Garden Jardín Negro Rare Field Spell Card
TU06-SP010 Armory Arm Brazo Arsenal Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU06-SP011 Alector, Sovereign of Birds Alector, Soberano de Pájaros Rare Effect Monster
TU06-SP012 Fusion Gate Puerta de Fusión Common Field Spell Card
TU06-SP013 Cipher Soldier Soldado Cifrado Common Effect Monster
TU06-SP014 Greenkappa Kappa Verde Common Flip monster
TU06-SP015 Creature Swap Intercambio de Criatura Common Normal Spell Card
TU06-SP016 Magical Dimension Dimensión Mágica Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-SP017 Bountiful Artemis Artemis Pródiga Common Effect Monster
TU06-SP018 Gemini Spark Chispa Géminis Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TU06-SP019 Golem Dragon Dragón Golem Common Effect Monster
TU06-SP020 Transforming Sphere Esfera Transformadora Common Effect Monster

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