Turbo Pack: Booster Four
Paquet Turbo: Numéro Quatre
Set number English name French name Rarity Category
TU04-FR000 Tragoedia Tragoedia Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TU04-FR001 Gottoms' Emergency Call Ordre de Ralliement de Gottoms Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
TU04-FR002 Debris Dragon Dragon des Ruines Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU04-FR003 Blackwing - Sirocco the Dawn Aile Noire - Sirocco l'Aube Super Rare Effect Monster
TU04-FR004 Deep Sea Diva Diva des Profondeurs Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU04-FR005 Compulsory Evacuation Device Dispositif d'Évacuation Obligatoire Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TU04-FR006 Dunames Dark Witch Dunames, Sorcière des Ténèbres Rare Normal Monster
TU04-FR007 The End of Anubis La Fin d'Anubis Rare Effect Monster
TU04-FR008 Psychic Commander Commandant Psychique Rare Effect Tuner monster
TU04-FR009 Advanced Ritual Art Art du Rituel Avancé Rare Ritual Spell Card
TU04-FR010 Bark of Dark Ruler Le Rugissement du Gouverneur des Ténèbres Rare Normal Trap Card
TU04-FR011 Swallow Flip Renversement de Situation Rare Counter Trap Card
TU04-FR012 Wattkid Électro-Gamin Common Normal Monster
TU04-FR013 Oscillo Hero Héros Oscillo Common Normal Monster
TU04-FR014 Mokey Mokey Mokey Mokey Common Normal Monster
TU04-FR015 Key Mace Lutine à la Clé Common Normal Monster
TU04-FR016 King of the Skull Servants Roi des Crânes Serviteurs Common Effect Monster
TU04-FR017 Dark Hole Trou Noir Common Normal Spell Card
TU04-FR018 Amazoness Spellcaster Magicienne Amazonesse Common Normal Spell Card
TU04-FR019 Gladiator Proving Ground Arène des Gladiateurs Common Normal Spell Card
TU04-FR020 White Hole Trappe Blanche Common Normal Trap Card

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