Turbo Pack: Booster Five
Sobre Turbo: Número Cinco
Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
TU05-SP000 Colossal Fighter Luchador Colosal Ultimate Rare Effect Synchro Monster
TU05-SP001 Dark Hole Agujero Oscuro Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
TU05-SP002 Gladiator Beast Laquari Bestia Gladiador Laquari Super Rare Effect Monster
TU05-SP003 Snowman Eater Hombre de Nieve Comilón Super Rare Effect Monster
TU05-SP004 Six Samurai United Los Seis Samuráis Unidos Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
TU05-SP005 Spell Shattering Arrow Flecha Rompedora de Hechizos Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
TU05-SP006 Puppet Plant Planta Títere Rare Effect Monster
TU05-SP007 Wulf, Lightsworn Beast Wulf, Bestia Luminosa Rare Effect Monster
TU05-SP008 Cyber Eltanin Ciber Eltanin Rare Effect Monster
TU05-SP009 Torrential Tribute Tributo Torrencial Rare Normal Trap Card
TU05-SP010 Escape from the Dark Dimension Escape de la Dimensión Oscura Rare Continuous Trap Card
TU05-SP011 Zoma the Spirit Zoma de Calavera Rare Continuous Trap Card
TU05-SP012 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands Manju de las Diezmil Manos Common Effect Monster
TU05-SP013 Abyssal Kingshark Rey Tiburón del Abismo Common Effect Monster
TU05-SP014 Spirit of the Six Samurai Espíritu de los Seis Samuráis Common Union monster
TU05-SP015 Black Salvo Bomba Negra Common Effect Tuner monster
TU05-SP016 Darkness Neosphere Neoesfera de Oscuridad Common Effect Monster
TU05-SP017 Miracle Fusion Fusión Milagrosa Common Normal Spell Card
TU05-SP018 Shield Crush Pulverizar el Escudo Common Normal Spell Card
TU05-SP019 Seven Tools of the Bandit Siete Herramientas del Bandido Common Counter Trap Card
TU05-SP020 Royal Command Orden Real Common Continuous Trap Card

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