Turbo Pack: Booster Eight
Busta Turbo: Numero Otto
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
TU08-IT000 Thunder King Rai-Oh Rai-Oh Re del Tuono Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
TU08-IT001 Skill Drain Risucchia Abilità Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
TU08-IT002 Green Gadget Congegno Verde Super Rare Effect Monster
TU08-IT003 Red Gadget Congegno Rosso Super Rare Effect Monster
TU08-IT004 Upstart Goblin Riccastro Goblin Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TU08-IT005 Mirror of Oaths Specchio dei Giuramenti Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TU08-IT006 Alligator's Sword Spada dell'Alligatore Rare Normal Monster
TU08-IT007 Lost Guardian Guardiano Perduto Rare Effect Monster
TU08-IT008 Alligator's Sword Dragon Drago Spada dell'Alligatore Rare Effect Fusion Monster
TU08-IT009 Magicians Unite Maghi Riuniti Rare Normal Spell Card
TU08-IT010 Ready for Intercepting Pronti all'Intercetto Rare Normal Trap Card
TU08-IT011 Gozen Match Scontro Gozen Rare Continuous Trap Card
TU08-IT012 Elephant Statue of Blessing Statua dell'Elefante della Benedizione Common Effect Monster
TU08-IT013 Elephant Statue of Disaster Statua dell'Elefante del Disastro Common Effect Monster
TU08-IT014 Gemini Imps Demoni Gemelli Common Effect Monster
TU08-IT015 Flamvell Firedog Cane di Fuoco Flamvell Common Effect Monster
TU08-IT016 Wind-Up Factory Fabbrica a Molla Common Continuous Spell Card
TU08-IT017 The Emperor's Holiday Le Vacanze dell'Imperatore Common Continuous Trap Card
TU08-IT018 Really Eternal Rest Riposo Eterno Definitivo Common Normal Trap Card
TU08-IT019 Rock Bombardment Bombardamento di Rocce Common Normal Trap Card
TU08-IT020 Magician's Circle Circolo del Mago Common Normal Trap Card

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