Tournament Pack 8
Tournament Pack 8
Set number English name German name Rarity Category
TP8-DE001 Magical Arm Shield Magischer Armschild Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
TP8-DE002 Harpie's Feather Duster Harpyien-Flederwisch Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TP8-DE003 Slate Warrior Schieferkrieger Super Rare Flip monster
TP8-DE004 Dunames Dark Witch Dunames finstere Hexe Super Rare Normal Monster
TP8-DE005 Garma Sword Garma-Schwert Super Rare Ritual Monster
TP8-DE006 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Zaborg, Monarch des Donners Rare Effect Monster
TP8-DE007 Granmarg the Rock Monarch Grandmarg der Erdmonarch Rare Effect Monster
TP8-DE008 Mobius the Frost Monarch Möbius der Frostmonarch Rare Effect Monster
TP8-DE009 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Thestalos, der Feuersturmmonarch Rare Effect Monster
TP8-DE010 Garma Sword Oath Schwur des Garma-Schwerts Common Ritual Spell Card
TP8-DE011 Berserk Gorilla Rasender Gorilla Common Effect Monster
TP8-DE012 Ultimate Offering Letzes Angebot Common Continuous Trap Card
TP8-DE013 Gatekeeper Torwärter Common Normal Monster
TP8-DE014 Behegon Behegon Common Normal Monster
TP8-DE015 Violent Rain Gewalttätiger Regen Common Normal Monster
TP8-DE016 Temple of Skulls Schädeltempel Common Normal Monster
TP8-DE017 Blocker Blocker Common Normal Monster
TP8-DE018 Wretched Ghost of the Attic Elender Geist des Dachbodens Common Normal Monster
TP8-DE019 Sectarian of Secrets Sektierer der Geheimnisse Common Normal Monster
TP8-DE020 Necrolancer the Timelord Necrolancer der Zeitherrscher Common Normal Monster

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