Tournament Pack 6
Tournament Pack 6
Set number English name German name Rarity Category
TP6-DE001 Toon Cannon Soldier Toon-Kannonensoldat Ultra Rare Toon monster
TP6-DE002 Toon Table of Contents Toon-Inhaltsverzeichnis Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TP6-DE003 Fusion Sage Fusionsweiser Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TP6-DE004 Royal Decree Königlicher Erlass Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
TP6-DE005 Restructer Revolution Restructer Revolution Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TP6-DE006 Spear Dragon Speer-Drache Rare Effect Monster
TP6-DE007 Airknight Parshath Parshath, der Luftritter Rare Effect Monster
TP6-DE008 Susa Soldier Susa, der Soldat Rare Spirit monster
TP6-DE009 Yamata Dragon Yamata-Drache Rare Spirit monster
TP6-DE010 Dark Balter the Terrible Dunkler Balter, der Fürchterliche Common Effect Fusion Monster
TP6-DE011 Ryu Senshi Ryu Senshi Common Effect Fusion Monster
TP6-DE012 Emergency Provisions Notvorräte Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TP6-DE013 Fiend Skull Dragon Unterweltler-Totenkopfdrache Common Effect Fusion Monster
TP6-DE014 Thunder Nyan Nyan Donner-Nyan Nyan Common Effect Monster
TP6-DE015 Last Turn Letzter Spielzug Common Normal Trap Card
TP6-DE016 Archfiend Marmot of Nefariousness Erzunterweltler Murmeltier der Ruchlosigkeit Common Normal Monster
TP6-DE017 Sleeping Lion Schlafender Löwe Common Normal Monster
TP6-DE018 Nekogal #1 Nekogal #1 Common Normal Monster
TP6-DE019 Burglar Einbrecher Common Normal Monster
TP6-DE020 Clown Zombie Clown Zombie Common Normal Monster

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