Tournament Pack: 2nd Season
토너먼트 팩 2
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
TP2-KR001 Morphing Jar 메타모르 포트 Ultra Rare Flip monster
TP2-KR002 Dragon Seeker 용살자 Super Rare Effect Monster
TP2-KR003 Giant Red Seasnake 씨자리온 Super Rare Normal Monster
TP2-KR004 Exile of the Wicked 악마지불 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TP2-KR005 Call of the Grave 묘지에서 부르는 소리 Super Rare Normal Trap Card
TP2-KR006 Mikazukinoyaiba 크레센트 드래곤 Rare Normal Monster
TP2-KR007 Skull Guardian Rare Ritual Monster
TP2-KR008 Novox's Prayer Rare Ritual Spell Card
TP2-KR009 Dokurorider Rare Ritual Monster
TP2-KR010 Revival of Dokurorider Rare Ritual Spell Card
TP2-KR011 Beautiful Headhuntress 참수의 미녀 Rare Normal Monster
TP2-KR012 Sonic Maid 소리의 여인 Rare Normal Monster
TP2-KR013 Mystical Sheep #1 일루전 시프 Rare Effect Monster
TP2-KR014 Warrior of Tradition Rare Fusion Monster
TP2-KR015 Soul of the Pure 천사의 순혈 Rare Normal Spell Card
TP2-KR016 Dancing Elf 댄싱 엘프 Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR017 Turu-Purun 트루푸룬 Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR018 Dharma Cannon 대포 오뚝이 Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR019 Stuffed Animal 식인 곰인형 Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR020 Spirit of the Books 책의 정령 호크 비숍 Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR021 Faith Bird Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR022 Takuhee 타쿠히 Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR023 Maiden of the Moonlight Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR024 Queen of Autumn Leaves Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR025 Two-Headed King Rex 두 머리의 킹렉스 Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR026 Garoozis Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR027 Crawling Dragon #2 Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR028 Parrot Dragon Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR029 Sky Dragon Common Normal Monster
TP2-KR030 Water Magician Common Normal Monster

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