Tournament Pack: 1st Season
Busta da Torneo: 1ᵃ Stagione
Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
TP1-I001"Mechanicalchaser""Meccacciatore"Ultra RareNormal Monster
TP1-I002"Axe Raider""Predone d'Ascia"Super RareNormal Monster
TP1-I003"Kwagar Hercules""Kwagar Erculeo"Super RareFusion Monster
TP1-I004"Patrol Robo""Robo-Pattuglia"Super RareEffect Monster
TP1-I005"White Hole""Buco Bianco"Super RareNormal Trap Card
TP1-I006"Elf's Light""Luce dell'Elfo"RareEquip Spell Card
TP1-I007"Steel Shell""Corazza d'Acciaio"RareEquip Spell Card
TP1-I008"Blue Medicine""Medicina Blu"RareNormal Spell Card
TP1-I009"Raimei"RareNormal Spell Card
TP1-I010"Burning Spear""Lancia Infuocata"RareEquip Spell Card
TP1-I011"Gust Fan""Ventaglio Raffica"RareEquip Spell Card
TP1-I012"Tiger Axe""Ascia Tigre"RareNormal Monster
TP1-I013"Goddess with the Third Eye""Dea dal Terzo Occhio"RareEffect Monster
TP1-I014"Beastking of the Swamps""Re delle Bestie delle Paludi"RareEffect Monster
TP1-I015"Versago the Destroyer""Versago il Distruttore"RareEffect Monster
TP1-I016"Wattkid" (as "Eroe Oscillo #2")"Wattragazzo"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I017"Giant Flea""Pulce Gigante"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I018"Bean Soldier""Soldato a Fagiolo"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I019"The Statue of Easter Island"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I020"Corroding Shark""Squalo Corrosivo"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I021"Wow Warrior""Guerriero Wow"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I022"Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2""Dragone Alato, Custode della Fortezza #2"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I023"Oscillo Hero""Oscillo Eroe"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I024"Shining Friendship""Amicizia Sfolgorante"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I025"Hercules Beetle""Scarabeo Erculeo"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I026"The Judgement Hand""La Mano del Giudizio"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I027"Wodan the Resident of the Forest""Wodan l' Abitante della Foresta"CommonEffect Monster
TP1-I028"Cyber Soldier of Darkworld""Cyber-Soldato del Mondoscuro"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-I029"Cockroach Knight""Cavaliere-Scarafaggio"CommonEffect Monster
TP1-I030"Kuwagata α""Kuwagata α"CommonNormal Monster

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