Tournament Pack: 1st Season
Pack de Tournoi: 1ère Saison
Card numberEnglish nameFrench nameRarityCategory
TP1-F001"Mechanicalchaser""Chasseur Mécanique"Ultra RareNormal Monster
TP1-F002"Axe Raider""Axe Raider"Super RareNormal Monster
TP1-F003"Kwagar Hercules""Hercule Kwagar"Super RareFusion Monster
TP1-F004"Patrol Robo""Robot Patrouilleur"Super RareEffect Monster
TP1-F005"White Hole""Trappe Blanche"Super RareNormal Trap Card
TP1-F006"Elf's Light""Lumière de l'Elfe"RareEquip Spell Card
TP1-F007"Steel Shell""Carapace d'Acier"RareEquip Spell Card
TP1-F008"Blue Medicine""Médicament Bleu"RareNormal Spell Card
TP1-F009"Raimei""Raimei"RareNormal Spell Card
TP1-F010"Burning Spear""Lance Embrasée"RareEquip Spell Card
TP1-F011"Gust Fan""Éventail des Rafales"RareEquip Spell Card
TP1-F012"Tiger Axe""Tigre à la Hache"RareNormal Monster
TP1-F013"Goddess with the Third Eye""Déesse au 3ème Œil"RareEffect Monster
TP1-F014"Beastking of the Swamps""Roi-Bête des Marais"RareEffect Monster
TP1-F015"Versago the Destroyer""Versago, le Destructeur"RareEffect Monster
TP1-F016"Wattkid" (as "Héros Oscillo N°2")"Électro-Gamin"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F017"Giant Flea""Puce Géante"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F018"Bean Soldier""Soldat Haricot"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F019"The Statue of Easter Island""Statue de l’Île de Pâques"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F020"Corroding Shark""Requin Putride"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F021"Wow Warrior""Guerrier Ouah"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F022"Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #2""Dragon Ailé, Gardien de la Forteresse N°2"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F023"Oscillo Hero""Héros Oscillo"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F024"Shining Friendship""Amitié Scintillante"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F025"Hercules Beetle""Scarabée Hercule"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F026"The Judgement Hand""La Main du Jugement"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F027"Wodan the Resident of the Forest""Wodan, le Résident de la Forêt"CommonEffect Monster
TP1-F028"Cyber Soldier of Darkworld""Cybersoldat des Ténèbres"CommonNormal Monster
TP1-F029"Cockroach Knight""Chevalier-Cafard"CommonEffect Monster
TP1-F030"Kuwagata α""Kuwagata α"CommonNormal Monster

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