The New Ruler
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category
301-001 Master Kyonshee たつじんキョンシー Common Normal Monster
301-002 Kabazauls おおくしゃみのカバザウルス Common Normal Monster
301-003 Inpachi だいもくじんインパチ Common Normal Monster
301-004 Dark Jeroid ダークジェロイド Super Rare Effect Monster
301-005 Newdoria ニュードリュア Super Rare Effect Monster
301-006 Helpoemer ごくじんヘルポエマー Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
301-007 Gravekeeper's Spy はかもりていさつしゃ Common Effect Monster
301-008 Gravekeeper's Curse はかもりじゅじゅつ Common Effect Monster
301-009 Gravekeeper's Guard はかもりばんぺい Common Effect Monster
301-010 Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier はかもりながやりへい Common Effect Monster
301-011 Gravekeeper's Vassal はかもりじゅうしゃ Common Effect Monster
301-012 Gravekeeper's Watcher はかもりかんしゃ Rare Effect Monster
301-013 Gravekeeper's Chief はかもりおさ Super Rare Effect Monster
301-014 Gravekeeper's Cannonholder はかもりおおづつ Common Effect Monster
301-015 Gravekeeper's Assailant はかもり暗殺者アサシン Common Effect Monster
301-016 A Man with Wdjat ウジャトがんおとこ Common Effect Monster
301-017 Mystical Knight of Jackal ジャッカルのせいせん Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Effect Monster
301-018 A Cat of Ill Omen こうげるくろねこ Common Effect Monster
301-019 Yomi Ship わたふね Common Effect Monster
301-020 Winged Sage Falcos ゆうよくけんじゃファルコス Rare Effect Monster
301-021 An Owl of Luck こううんげるフクロウ Common Effect Monster
301-022 Charm of Shabti シャブティのおまも Common Effect Monster
301-023 Cobra Jar スネークポット Rare Effect Monster
301-024 Spirit Reaper たましいけずりょう Common Effect Monster
301-025 Nightmare Horse ナイトメア・ホース Common Effect Monster
301-026 Reaper on the Nightmare ナイトメアをりょう Common Fusion Monster
301-027 Dark Designator やみめいしゃ Rare Normal Spell Card
301-028 Card Shuffle ショット・ガン・シャッフル Common Continuous Spell Card
301-029 Reasoning めいすい Common Normal Spell Card
301-030 Dark Room of Nightmare あくごうもん Rare Continuous Spell Card
301-031 Different Dimension Capsule タイムカプセル Common Normal Spell Card
301-032 Necrovalley おうねむたに-ネクロバレー Ultra Rare
Ultra Parallel Rare
Field Spell Card
301-033 Buster Rancher バスターランチャー Common Equip Spell Card
301-034 Hieroglyph Lithograph ヒエログリフのせきばん Common Normal Spell Card
301-035 Dark Snake Syndrome こくじゃびょう Common Continuous Spell Card
301-036 Terraforming テラ・フォーミング Common Normal Spell Card
301-037 Banner of Courage ゆうはたじるし Common Continuous Spell Card
301-038 Metamorphosis 突然変異メタモルフォーゼ Common Normal Spell Card
301-039 Royal Tribute おうにえ Common Normal Spell Card
301-040 Reversal Quiz だいぎゃくてんクイズ Common Normal Spell Card
301-041 Coffin Seller かんおけ Common Continuous Trap Card
301-042 Curse of Aging ろうのろ Common Normal Trap Card
301-043 Barrel Behind the Door ごくとびらじゅう Common Counter Trap Card
301-044 Raigeki Break サンダー・ブレイク Common Normal Trap Card
301-045 Narrow Pass せまつう Common Continuous Trap Card
301-046 Disturbance Strategy かくらんさくせん Common Normal Trap Card
301-047 Trap of Board Eraser こくばんしのわな Common Counter Trap Card
301-048 Rite of Spirit こうれいしき Common Normal Trap Card
301-049 Non Aggression Area ぜったいしんりょういき Common Normal Trap Card
301-050 D. Tribe りゅうけつぞく Common Normal Trap Card
301-051 Lava Golem ようがんじんラヴァ・ゴーレム Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
301-052 Byser Shock バイサー・ショック Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
301-053 Question クイズ Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
301-054 Rope of Life いのちつな Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
301-055 Nightmare Wheel ごうもんしゃりん Secret Rare Continuous Trap Card
301-056 Red-Eyes B. Dragon 真紅眼の黒竜レッドアイズ・ブラックドラゴン Ultimate Rare Normal Monster

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