Tactical Evolution
전술의 발전
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
TAEV-KR001 Alien Shocktrooper 에일리언 솔저 Common Normal Monster
TAEV-KR002 Volcanic Rat 볼캐닉 래트 Common Normal Monster
TAEV-KR003 Renge, Gatekeeper of Dark World 암흑계의 파수병 렌지 Common Normal Monster
TAEV-KR004 Hunter Dragon 하운드 드래곤 Rare Normal Monster
TAEV-KR005 Venom Cobra Common Normal Monster
TAEV-KR006 Rainbow Dragon 궁극보옥신 레인보우 드래곤 Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Holographic Rare
Effect Monster
TAEV-KR007 Chrysalis Pantail Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR008 Chrysalis Chicky 코쿤 칙키 Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR009 Chrysalis Pinny 코쿤 피니 Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR010 Chrysalis Larva 코쿤 라바 Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR011 Chrysalis Mole 코쿤 모그 Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR012 Necro Gardna 네크로 가드너 Rare Effect Monster
TAEV-KR013 Vennominaga the Deity of Poisonous Snakes 독사신 베노미너거 Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Monster
TAEV-KR014 Vennominon the King of Poisonous Snakes Super Rare Effect Monster
TAEV-KR015 Venom Snake Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR016 Venom Boa Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR017 Venom Serpent Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR018 Elemental HERO Neos Alius 엘리멘틀 히어로 어나더 네오스 Super Rare Gemini monster
TAEV-KR019 Chthonian Emperor Dragon Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Gemini monster
TAEV-KR020 Aquarian Alessa 수면의 앨리사 Super Rare Gemini monster
TAEV-KR021 Lucky Pied Piper 행운의 피리꾼 Super Rare Gemini monster
TAEV-KR022 Grasschopper Rare Gemini monster
TAEV-KR023 Goggle Golem Common Gemini monster
TAEV-KR024 Dawnbreak Gardna Common Gemini monster
TAEV-KR025 Doom Shaman Super Rare Gemini monster
TAEV-KR026 King Pyron 작열왕 파이론 Common Gemini monster
TAEV-KR027 Shadow Delver 세도우 다이버 Rare Gemini monster
TAEV-KR028 Flint Lock 플린트 록 Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR029 Gravitic Orb Common Flip monster
TAEV-KR030 Phantom Cricket 환영의 귀뚜라미 Common Flip monster
TAEV-KR031 Crystal Seer 수정의 점술사 Normal Rare Flip monster
TAEV-KR032 Neo Space Pathfinder Rare Effect Monster
TAEV-KR033 Frost and Flame Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
TAEV-KR034 Desert Twister Super Rare Effect Monster
TAEV-KR035 Ritual Raven 의식의 공물 Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR036 Razor Lizard 면도날 도마뱀 Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR037 Light Effigy Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR038 Dark Effigy 다크플레임 Common Effect Monster
TAEV-KR039 Zombie Master 좀비 마스터 Rare Effect Monster
TAEV-KR040 Neo-Spacian Marine Dolphin Common Effect Fusion Monster
TAEV-KR041 Elemental HERO Marine Neos Rare Effect Fusion Monster
TAEV-KR042 Elemental HERO Darkbright 엘리멘틀 히어로 다크 브라이트맨 Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
TAEV-KR043 Elemental HERO Magma Neos Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Fusion Monster
TAEV-KR044 Ojama Knight Common Effect Fusion Monster
TAEV-KR045 Fifth Hope 다섯 번째 희망 Rare Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR046 Reverse of Neos Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TAEV-KR047 Convert Contact 컨버드 콘택트 Common Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR048 Cocoon Party Common Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR049 NEX NEX Common Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR050 Cocoon Rebirth Common Continuous Spell Card
TAEV-KR051 Venom Swamp Common Field Spell Card
TAEV-KR052 Snake Rain 스네이크 레인 Rare Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR053 Venom Shot Common Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR054 Cyberdark Impact! 사이버다크 임팩트! Super Rare Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR055 Flint Missile Common Quick-Play Spell Card
TAEV-KR056 Double Summon 이중소환 Rare Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR057 Summoner's Art 소환사의 스킬 Rare Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR058 Creature Seizure 노획장치 Rare Normal Spell Card
TAEV-KR059 Phalanx Pike Common Equip Spell Card
TAEV-KR060 Symbols of Duty 전선부활의 제물 Normal Rare Equip Spell Card
TAEV-KR061 Amulet of Ambition 하극상의 목걸이 Rare Equip Spell Card
TAEV-KR062 Broken Bamboo Sword Normal Rare Equip Spell Card
TAEV-KR063 Mirror Gate Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR064 Hero Counterattack Common Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR065 Cocoon Veil Common Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR066 Snake Whistle Common Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR067 Damage = Reptile Common Continuous Trap Card
TAEV-KR068 Snake Deity's Command Rare Counter Trap Card
TAEV-KR069 Rise of the Snake Deity Common Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR070 Ambush Fangs 반격의 독니 Common Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR071 Venom Burn Common Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR072 Common Charity Rare Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR073 Destructive Draw Common Continuous Trap Card
TAEV-KR074 Shield Spear Common Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR075 Strike Slash 스트라이크 샷 Common Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR076 Spell Reclamation Rare Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR077 Trap Reclamation Rare Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR078 Gift Card 기프트카드 Normal Rare Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR079 The Gift of Greed Common Normal Trap Card
TAEV-KR080 Counter Counter 카운터카운터 Rare Counter Trap Card

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