Structure Deck: Zombie Madness
STRUCTURE DECKストラクチャーデッキ —アンデットの脅威きょうい
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category Qty
SD2-JP001 Vampire Genesis ヴァンパイアジェネシス Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
SD2-JP002 Master Kyonshee たつじんキョンシー Common Normal Monster 1
SD2-JP003 Vampire Lord ヴァンパイア・ロード Common Effect Monster 1
SD2-JP004 Dark Dust Spirit じんあくりょう Common Spirit monster 1
SD2-JP005 Pyramid Turtle ピラミッド・タートル Common Effect Monster 3
SD2-JP006 Spirit Reaper たましいけずりょう Common Effect Monster 1
SD2-JP007 Despair from the Dark やみよりでしぜつぼう Common Effect Monster 2
SD2-JP008 Ryu Kokki りゅうこつ Common Effect Monster 2
SD2-JP009 Soul-Absorbing Bone Tower せい骨の塔ボーンタワー Common Effect Monster 1
SD2-JP010 Vampire Lady ヴァンパイア・レディ Common Effect Monster 1
SD2-JP011 Double Coston ダブルコストン Common Effect Monster 1
SD2-JP012 Regenerating Mummy さいせいミイラ Common Effect Monster 2
SD2-JP013 Snatch Steal ごうだつ Common Equip Spell Card 1
SD2-JP014 Mystical Space Typhoon サイクロン Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD2-JP015 Giant Trunade ハリケーン Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD2-JP016 Nobleman of Crossout まっさつ使 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD2-JP017 Pot of Greed ごうよくつぼ Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD2-JP018 Card of Safe Return せいかんほうさつ Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SD2-JP019 Heavy Storm おおあらし Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD2-JP020 Creature Swap きょうせいてん Common Normal Spell Card 2
SD2-JP021 Book of Life せいじゃしょきんだんじゅじゅつ Common Normal Spell Card 2
SD2-JP022 Call of the Mummy ミイラのごえ Common Continuous Spell Card 3
SD2-JP023 Reload リロード Common Quick-Play Spell Card 2
SD2-JP024 Dust Tornado じんおおたつまき Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD2-JP025 Torrential Tribute げきりゅうそう Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD2-JP026 Magic Jammer マジック・ジャマー Common Counter Trap Card 1
SD2-JP027 Reckless Greed ぼうよく Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD2-JP028 Compulsory Evacuation Device きょうせいだっしゅつそう Common Normal Trap Card 3

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