Structure Deck: The Blue-Eyed Dragon's Thundering Descent
Set number English name Chinese name Rarity Category Qty
SD25-TC001 Blue-Eyes White Dragon 青眼白龍 Ultra Rare Normal Monster 1
SD25-TC002 Rabidragon 兔龍 Common Normal Monster 1
SD25-TC003 Alexandrite Dragon 紫翠玉龍 Common Normal Monster 1
SD25-TC004 Flamvell Guard 炎獄護衛龍 Common Normal Tuner monster 1
SD25-TC005 Maiden with Eyes of Blue 青之眼少女 Super Rare Effect Tuner monster 1
SD25-TC006 Rider of the Storm Winds 暴風龍之防人 Rare Effect Tuner monster 1
SD25-TC007 Darkstorm Dragon 暗黑風暴龍 Common Gemini monster 1
SD25-TC008 Genesis Dragon 創世龍 Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC009 Mirage Dragon 幻影龍 Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC010 Divine Dragon Apocralyph 神龍 天啟 Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC011 Hardened Armed Dragon 堅甲戰龍 Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC012 The White Stone of Legend 傳說的白石 Common Effect Tuner monster 1
SD25-TC013 Kaibaman 正義的夥伴 海馬人 Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC014 Herald of Creation 創世的預言者 Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC015 Kaiser Sea Horse 帝王海馬 Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC016 Honest 奥尼斯特 Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC017 Shining Angel 閃光天使 Common Effect Monster 2
SD25-TC018 Maxx "C" 增殖的Z Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC019 Level Eater 等級偷竊蟲 Common Effect Monster 1
SD25-TC020 Dragon Shrine 龍之靈廟 Super Rare Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC021 Silver's Cry 銀龍的轟咆 Rare Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD25-TC022 Burst Stream of Destruction 毀滅的爆裂疾風彈 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC023 Dragon Ravine 龍之溪谷 Common Field Spell Card 1
SD25-TC024 Terraforming 星球改造 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC025 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon 巨龍振翅 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC026 Trade-In 抵價交易 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC027 Cards of Consonance 調和的寶札 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC028 White Elephant's Gift 馬骨的報酬 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC029 Symbols of Duty 戰線復活的代價 Common Equip Spell Card 1
SD25-TC030 One for One 一對一 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC031 Monster Reborn 死者蘇生 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC032 Soul Exchange 靈魂交換 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD25-TC033 Enemy Controller 敵人控制器 Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD25-TC034 Castle of Dragon Souls 龍魂之城 Rare Continuous Trap Card 1
SD25-TC035 Fiendish Chain 惡魔鎖鍊 Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SD25-TC036 Kunai with Chain 鎖鍊飛鏢 Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD25-TC037 Damage Condenser 傷害電容器 Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD25-TC038 Call of the Haunted 活死人的呼喚 Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SD25-TC039 Champion's Vigilance 王者的看破 Common Counter Trap Card 1
SD25-TC040 Azure-Eyes Silver Dragon 蒼眼銀龍 Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster 1

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