Structure Deck: Onslaught of the Fire Kings
Set number English name Chinese name Rarity Category
SD24-TC001 Fire King High Avatar Garunix 炎王神獸 迦樓羅不死鳥 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SD24-TC002 Fire King Avatar Barong 炎王獸 巴隆 Rare Effect Monster
SD24-TC003 Fire King Avatar Yaksha 炎王獸 夜叉 Rare Effect Monster
SD24-TC004 Fire King Avatar Kirin 炎王獸 麒麟 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC005 Sacred Phoenix of Nephthys 奈芙蒂斯的鳳凰神 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC006 Manticore of Darkness 暗黑的蠍尾獅 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC007 Goka, the Pyre of Malice 怨念之魂 業火 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC008 Hazy Flame Hyppogrif 陽炎獸 駿鷹 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC009 Laval Lancelord 岩漿炎槍杖手 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC010 Flamvell Firedog 炎獄地獄犬 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC011 Flamvell Poun 炎獄妖猴 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC012 Neo Flamvell Hedgehog 新炎獄刺蝟 Common Effect Tuner monster
SD24-TC013 Volcanic Rocket 火山炎火箭 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC014 Volcanic Counter 火山炎反擊獸 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC015 Molten Zombie 灼熱殭屍 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC016 Spirit of Flames 炎之精靈 伊夫利特 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC017 Raging Flame Sprite 逆卷炎之精靈 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC018 Fox Fire 狐火 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC019 Flame Tiger 焰虎 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC020 Little Chimera 小奇美拉 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC021 UFO Turtle UFO烏龜 Common Effect Monster
SD24-TC022 Onslaught of the Fire Kings 炎王急襲 Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SD24-TC023 Circle of the Fire Kings 炎王炎環 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
SD24-TC024 Fire King Island 炎王的孤島 Common Field Spell Card
SD24-TC025 Rekindling 真炎的爆發 Common Normal Spell Card
SD24-TC026 Blaze Accelerator 烈焰加農砲 Common Continuous Spell Card
SD24-TC027 Wild Nature's Release 野性解放 Common Normal Spell Card
SD24-TC028 Pot of Duality 強欲而謙虛之壺 Common Normal Spell Card
SD24-TC029 Creature Swap 强制轉移 Common Normal Spell Card
SD24-TC030 Supply Squad 補給部隊 Common Continuous Spell Card
SD24-TC031 Burden of the Mighty 強者的苦痛 Common Continuous Spell Card
SD24-TC032 Backfire 逆火 Common Continuous Trap Card
SD24-TC033 Flamvell Counter 炎獄反擊 Common Counter Trap Card
SD24-TC034 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast 鳳翼的爆風 Common Normal Trap Card
SD24-TC035 Horn of the Phantom Beast 幻獸之角 Common Normal Trap Card
SD24-TC036 Blast with Chain 鎖鍊炸彈 Common Normal Trap Card
SD24-TC037 Spiritual Fire Art - Kurenai 火靈術-「紅」 Common Normal Trap Card
SD24-TC038 Regretful Rebirth 悔恨再生 Common Normal Trap Card
SD24-TC039 Chain Destruction 連鎖破壞 Common Normal Trap Card
SD24-TC040 Nightmare Wheel 拷問車輪 Common Continuous Trap Card

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