Structure Deck: Invincible Fortress
Structure Deck: Invincible Fortress
Set number English name German name Rarity Category Qty
SD7-DE001 Exxod, Master of The Guard Exxod, Meister der Wache Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE002 Great Spirit Großer Geist Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE003 Giant Rat Riesenratte Common Effect Monster 3
SD7-DE004 Maharaghi Maharaghi Common Spirit monster 1
SD7-DE005 Guardian Sphinx Wächter-Sphinx Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE006 Gigantes Gigantes Common Effect Monster 2
SD7-DE007 Stone Statue of the Aztecs Steinstatue der Azteken Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE008 Golem Sentry Golem Wachposten Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE009 Hieracosphinx Hieracosphinx Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE010 Criosphinx Criosphinx Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE011 Moai Interceptor Cannons Moai Abfangkanonen Common Effect Monster 2
SD7-DE012 Megarock Dragon Megafels-Drache Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE013 Guardian Statue Wächterstatue Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE014 Medusa Worm Medusawurm Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE015 Sand Moth Sandmotte Common Effect Monster 1
SD7-DE016 Canyon Canyon Common Field Spell Card 1
SD7-DE017 Mystical Space Typhoon Mystischer Raum-Taifun Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD7-DE018 Premature Burial Voreiliges Begräbnis Common Equip Spell Card 1
SD7-DE019 Swords of Revealing Light Verräterische Schwerter Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD7-DE020 Shield & Sword Schild und Schwert Common Normal Spell Card 2
SD7-DE021 Magical Mallet Magischer Hammer Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD7-DE022 Hammer Shot Hammerschuss Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD7-DE023 Ectoplasmer Ektoplasmer Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SD7-DE024 Brain Control Gehirnkontrolle Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD7-DE025 Shifting Shadows Bewegende Schatten Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SD7-DE026 Waboku Waboku Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD7-DE027 Ultimate Offering Letzes Angebot Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SD7-DE028 Magic Drain Magischer Abfluss Common Counter Trap Card 2
SD7-DE029 Robbin' Goblin Raubender Goblin Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SD7-DE030 Ordeal of a Traveler Belastungsprobe eines Reisenden Common Continuous Trap Card 2
SD7-DE031 Reckless Greed Tollkühne Gier Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD7-DE032 Compulsory Evacuation Device Zwangsevakuierungsgerät Common Normal Trap Card 2

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