Structure Deck: Dragon's Roar
Structure Deck: Ruggito del Drago
Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategoryQty
SD1-IT001"Red-Eyes Darkness Dragon" "Drago Oscuro Occhi Rossi"Ultra Rare
Effect Monster1
SD1-IT002"Red-Eyes B. Dragon" "Drago Nero Occhi Rossi"Common
Normal Monster1
SD1-IT003"Luster Dragon" "Drago Avido"Common
Normal Monster2
SD1-IT004"Twin-Headed Behemoth" "Behemoth Bifronte"Common
Effect Monster1
SD1-IT005"Armed Dragon LV3" "Drago Armato LV3"Common
Effect Monster2
SD1-IT006"Armed Dragon LV5" "Drago Armato LV5"Common
Effect Monster2
SD1-IT007"Black Dragon's Chick" "Cucciolo di Occhi-Rossi"Common
Effect Monster1
SD1-IT008"Element Dragon" "Drago Elementale"Common
Effect Monster1
SD1-IT009"Masked Dragon" "Drago Mascherato"Common
Effect Monster3
SD1-IT010"Snatch Steal" "Strappa Possesso"Common
Equip Spell Card1
SD1-IT011"Mystical Space Typhoon" "Tifone Spaziale Mistico"Common
Quick-Play Spell Card1
SD1-IT012"Nobleman of Crossout" "Nobiluomo dello Scambio"Common
Normal Spell Card2
SD1-IT013"Premature Burial" "Sepoltura Prematura"Common
Equip Spell Card1
SD1-IT014"Swords of Revealing Light" "Spada Rivelatrice"Common
Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT015"Pot of Greed" "Anfora dell'Avidità"Common
Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT016"Heavy Storm" "Tempesta Potente"Common
Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT017"Stamping Destruction" "Distruzione Schiacciante"Common
Normal Spell Card3
SD1-IT018"Creature Swap" "Scambio-Creature"Common
Normal Spell Card2
SD1-IT019"Reload" "Ricarica"Common
Quick-Play Spell Card2
SD1-IT020"The Graveyard in the Fourth Dimension" "Il Cimitero nella Quarta Dimensione"Common
Normal Spell Card1
SD1-IT021"Call of the Haunted" "Richiamo del Posseduto"Common
Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-IT022"Ceasefire" "Cessate il Fuoco"Common
Normal Trap Card1
SD1-IT023"The Dragon's Bead" "La Perla di Drago"Common
Continuous Trap Card1
SD1-IT024"Dragon's Rage" "Rabbia del Drago"Common
Continuous Trap Card2
SD1-IT025"Reckless Greed" "Cupidigia Insaziabile"Common
Normal Trap Card1
SD1-IT026"Interdimensional Matter Transporter" "Teletrasportatore"Common
Normal Trap Card2
SD1-IT027"Trap Jammer" "Disturba Trappola"Common
Counter Trap Card1
SD1-IT028"Curse of Anubis" "Maledizione di Anubis"Common
Normal Trap Card1

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