Structure Deck: Blaze of Destruction
STRUCTURE DECKストラクチャーデッキ灼熱しゃくねつ大地だいち
Set number English name Japanese name Rarity Category Qty
SD3-JP001 Infernal Flame Emperor ヘルフレイムエンペラー Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
SD3-JP002 Great Angus グレート・アンガス Common Normal Monster 1
SD3-JP003 Blazing Inpachi えんもくじん インパチ Common Normal Monster 1
SD3-JP004 UFO Turtle UFOタートル Common Effect Monster 3
SD3-JP005 Little Chimera リトル・キメラ Common Effect Monster 1
SD3-JP006 Inferno インフェルノ Common Effect Monster 2
SD3-JP007 Molten Zombie しゃくねつゾンビ Common Effect Monster 1
SD3-JP008 Solar Flare Dragon プロミネンス・ドラゴン Common Effect Monster 2
SD3-JP009 Ultimate Baseball Kid ちょうねっけつきゅう Common Effect Monster 2
SD3-JP010 Raging Flame Sprite さかほのおせいれい Common Effect Monster 1
SD3-JP011 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch えんていテスタロス Common Effect Monster 1
SD3-JP012 Gaia Soul the Combustible Collective ばくえんしゅうごうたいガイヤ・ソウル Common Effect Monster 1
SD3-JP013 Fox Fire きつね Common Effect Monster 1
SD3-JP014 Snatch Steal ごうだつ Common Equip Spell Card 1
SD3-JP015 Mystical Space Typhoon サイクロン Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD3-JP016 Molten Destruction バーニングブラッド Common Field Spell Card 2
SD3-JP017 Nobleman of Crossout まっさつ使 Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD3-JP018 Premature Burial はやすぎたまいそう Common Equip Spell Card 1
SD3-JP019 Pot of Greed ごうよくつぼ Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD3-JP020 Tribute to the Doomed Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD3-JP021 Heavy Storm おおあらし Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD3-JP022 Dark Room of Nightmare あくごうもん Common Continuous Spell Card 1
SD3-JP023 Reload リロード Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SD3-JP024 Level Limit - Area B レベルせいげん Common Continuous Spell Card 2
SD3-JP025 Necklace of Command だつくびかざ Common Equip Spell Card 1
SD3-JP026 Meteor of Destruction デス・メテオ Common Normal Spell Card 1
SD3-JP027 Dust Tornado じんおおたつまき Common Normal Trap Card 2
SD3-JP028 Call of the Haunted リビングデッドのごえ Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SD3-JP029 Jar of Greed ごうよくかめ Common Normal Trap Card 1
SD3-JP030 Spell Shield Type-8 はちしきたいほうじゅうけっかい Common Counter Trap Card 1
SD3-JP031 Backfire バックファイア Common Continuous Trap Card 2

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