Starter Deck 2016
STARTER DECK스타터 덱 2016
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
ST16-KRT01 Hippo Token (Orange) 히포 토큰 Common Token Monster
ST16-KRT02 Hippo Token (Yellow) 히포 토큰 Common Token Monster
ST16-KRT03 Hippo Token (Blue) 히포 토큰 Common Token Monster
ST16-KR001 Performapal Sleight Hand Magician EM엔터메이트 슬라이핸드 매지션 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
ST16-KR002 Performapal King Bear EM엔터메이트 킹베어 Ultra Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-KR003 Performapal Swincobra EM엔터메이트 그네코브라 Normal Parallel Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-KR004 Performapal Momoncarpet EM엔터메이트 모몬카펫 Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-KR005 Performapal Parrotrio EM엔터메이트 잉코러스 Super Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-KR006 Performapal Longphone Bull EM엔터메이트 롱폰 불 Super Rare Effect Monster
ST16-KR007 Performapal Teeter Totter Hopper EM엔터메이트 시소메뚜기 Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
ST16-KR008 Odd-Eyes Pendulum Dragon 오드아이즈 펜듈럼 드래곤 Normal Parallel Rare Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-KR009 Stargazer Magician 별을 읽는 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-KR010 Timegazer Magician 시간을 읽는 마술사 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-KR011 Performapal Drummerilla EM엔터메이트 드러밍콩 Common Effect Monster
ST16-KR012 Performapal Secondonkey Common Effect Monster
ST16-KR013 Performapal Hip Hippo E엔터M메이트 디스커버 히포 Common Effect Monster
ST16-KR014 Foucault's Cannon 후코의 마포석 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-KR015 Archfiend Eccentrick 익센트릭 데몬 Common Effect Pendulum Monster
ST16-KR016 Gene-Warped Warwolf 제네틱 워울프 Common Normal Monster
ST16-KR017 Beast King Barbaros 신수왕 바르바로스 Normal Parallel Rare Effect Monster
ST16-KR018 Pitch-Black Warwolf 칠흑의 전사 워울프 Common Effect Monster
ST16-KR019 Dragon Dowser 드래곤다우저 Common Effect Monster
ST16-KR020 Giant Rat 거대쥐 Common Effect Monster
ST16-KR021 Performapal Dramatic Theater EM엔터메이트 드라마틱시어터 Normal Parallel Rare Field Spell Card
ST16-KR022 Smile World 스마일 월드 Common Normal Spell Card
ST16-KR023 Hippo Carnival 히포 카니발 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST16-KR024 Draw Muscle 드로우 머슬 Common Normal Spell Card
ST16-KR025 Mystical Space Typhoon 싸이크론 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST16-KR026 Lightning Vortex 라이트닝 보텍스 Common Normal Spell Card
ST16-KR027 Book of Moon 달의 서 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST16-KR028 Lucky Iron Axe 행운의 쇠도끼 Common Equip Spell Card
ST16-KR029 Burden of the Mighty 강자의 고통 Common Continuous Spell Card
ST16-KR030 Back-Up Rider 일기가세 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
ST16-KR031 Performapal Show Down EM엔터메이트 쇼다운 Normal Parallel Rare Normal Trap Card
ST16-KR032 Performapal Pinch Helper Common Continuous Trap Card
ST16-KR033 Wall of Disruption 분단의 벽 Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-KR034 Ceasefire 정전 협정 Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-KR035 Raigeki Break 썬더 브레이크 Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-KR036 Draining Shield 드레인 실드 Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-KR037 Threatening Roar 위협하는 포효 Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-KR038 Dark Bribe 마궁의 뇌물 Common Counter Trap Card
ST16-KR039 Chaos Burst 카오스 버스트 Common Normal Trap Card
ST16-KR040 Pendulum Reborn 펜듈럼 리본 Common Normal Trap Card

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