Deck Leader

  • Thunder Nyan Nyan Rank: 2LT <NATURE-EFFECT> While this card is face-up in the defence position, all face-up THUNDER monstersgain movement bonus!

Effect Monsters

  • Curtain of the Dark Ones <FLIP> When this card is flipped face-up in battle, the apposing enemy is spellbound for 1 turn
  • Monster Eye <FLIP> When this card is flipped face-up, flips the last card played by an opponent face-up!
  • Goddess of Whim <ATTACK> Own ATK/DEF either increased or decreased by up to 1500 points when entering battle!
  • Oscill o Hero #2 <ATTACK> Increases 800 points in battle against FISH monsters!
  • Electric Snake <ATTACK> Increases 1000 point bonus in battle against MACHINE monsters!
  • Electric Lizard <FLIP> Spellbinds the opposing enemy for 1 turn when this card is flipped face-up in battle.
  • Mega Thunderball <FLIP> Gain control of an apposing monster if it is MACHINE for one turn when this card is flipped face-up in battle!

Normal Monsters

Magic Cards

  • Mountain <MAGIC> Transforms th surrounding 2-space area into MOUNTAIN terrain!
  • Horn of Light <POWER-UP> Increases the power of horned monsters other than DRK by 500 points!
  • Bright Castle <POWER-UP> Increases the power of LIGHT monsters by 500 points

Trap Cards

  • House of Adhesive Tape <TRAP(LIMITED RANGE)> Disposable trap that triggers against a monster with ATK of 1000 or below, and destroys it!

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