Starter Deck: Yugi
Mazzo Introduttivo: Yugi
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
MIY-I001 Mystical Elf Elfo Mistico Common Normal Monster
MIY-I002 Feral Imp Demone Selvaggio Common Normal Monster
MIY-I003 Winged Dragon, Guardian of the Fortress #1 Drago Alato #1 Common Normal Monster
MIY-I004 Summoned Skull Teschio Evocato Common Normal Monster
MIY-I005 Dark Magician Mago Nero Ultra Rare Normal Monster
MIY-I006 Gaia The Fierce Knight Gaia il Cavaliere Common Normal Monster
MIY-I007 Curse of Dragon Anatema del Drago Common Normal Monster
MIY-I008 Celtic Guardian Guardiano Celtico Common Normal Monster
MIY-I009 Great White Mega Squalo Bianco Common Normal Monster
MIY-I010 Silver Fang Zanna d'Argento Common Normal Monster
MIY-I011 Giant Soldier of Stone Soldato di Pietra Common Normal Monster
MIY-I012 Dragon Zombie Drago Zombie Common Normal Monster
MIY-I013 Doma The Angel of Silence Doma Angelo Silente Common Normal Monster
MIY-I014 Ansatsu Ansatsu l'Assassino Common Normal Monster
MIY-I015 Witty Phantom Spettro Oscuro Common Normal Monster
MIY-I016 Claw Reacher Sferra-Artigli Common Normal Monster
MIY-I017 Mystic Clown Clown Mistico Common Normal Monster
MIY-I018 Sword of Dark Destruction Spada Distruttrice Common Equip Spell Card
MIY-I019 Book of Secret Arts Libro diArti Ascose Common Equip Spell Card
MIY-I020 Dark Hole Buco Nero Common Normal Spell Card
MIY-I021 Dian Keto the Cure Master Dian Keto il Curatore Common Normal Spell Card
MIY-I022 Ancient Elf Elfo Antico Common Normal Monster
MIY-I023 Magical Ghost Fatasma Magico Common Normal Monster
MIY-I024 Fissure Spaccatura Common Normal Spell Card
MIY-I025 Trap Hole Buco Trappola Common Normal Trap Card
MIY-I026 Two-Pronged Attack Duplice Attacco Common Normal Trap Card
MIY-I027 De-Spell Annulla Carta Magia Common Normal Spell Card
MIY-I028 Monster Reborn Mostro Resuscitato Common Normal Spell Card
MIY-I029 Reinforcements Rinforzi Common Normal Trap Card
MIY-I030 Change of Heart Cambiare Idea Common Normal Spell Card
MIY-I031 The Stern Mystic Il Mistico Common Flip monster
MIY-I032 Wall of Illusion Muro Illusorio Common Effect Monster
MIY-I033 Baron of the Fiend Sword Barone Malaspada Common Normal Monster
MIY-I034 Sorcerer of the Doomed Stregone dei Dannati Common Normal Monster
MIY-I035 Last Will Ultimo Desiderio Common Normal Spell Card
MIY-I036 Waboku Waboku Common Normal Trap Card
MIY-I037 Soul Exchange Scambio di Anime Super Rare Normal Spell Card
MIY-I038 Card Destruction Distruggi-Carte Super Rare Normal Spell Card
MIY-I039 Trap Master Maestro di Trappola Common Flip monster
MIY-I040 Dragon Capture Jar Cattura-Draghi Common Continuous Trap Card
MIY-I041 Yami Yami Common Field Spell Card
MIY-I042 Man-Eater Bug Insetto Mangia-Uomini Common Flip monster
MIY-I043 Reverse Trap Inverti Trappola Common Normal Trap Card
MIY-I044 Remove Trap Rimuovi Trappola Common Normal Spell Card
MIY-I045 Castle Walls Mura del Castello Common Normal Trap Card
MIY-I046 Ultimate Offering Ultima Offerta Common Continuous Trap Card

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