Starter Deck: Pegasus
Deck Inicial do Pegasus
Set number English name Portuguese name Rarity Category
DIP-P001 Relinquished Renunciado Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
DIP-P002 Red Archery Girl Garota Arqueira Vermelha Common Normal Monster
DIP-P003 Ryu-Ran Ryu-Ran Common Normal Monster
DIP-P004 Illusionist Faceless Mage Mago Ilusionista Sem Rosto Common Normal Monster
DIP-P005 Rogue Doll Boneca Marota Common Normal Monster
DIP-P006 Uraby Uraby Common Normal Monster
DIP-P007 Giant Soldier of Stone Soldado de Pedra Gigante Common Normal Monster
DIP-P008 Aqua Madoor Aqua Madoor Common Normal Monster
DIP-P009 Toon Alligator Jacaré Toon Common Normal Monster
DIP-P010 Hane-Hane Hane-Hane Common Flip monster
DIP-P011 Sonic Bird Pássaro Sônico Common Effect Monster
DIP-P012 Jigen Bakudan Jigen Bakudan Common Effect Monster
DIP-P013 Mask of Darkness Máscara das Trevas Common Flip monster
DIP-P014 Witch of the Black Forest Bruxa da Floresta Negra Common Effect Monster
DIP-P015 Man-Eater Bug Inseto Devorador de Homens Common Flip monster
DIP-P016 Muka Muka Muka Muka Common Effect Monster
DIP-P017 Dream Clown Palhaço dos Sonhos Common Effect Monster
DIP-P018 Armed Ninja Ninja Armado Common Flip monster
DIP-P019 Hiro's Shadow Scout Escuteiro das Sombras de Hiro Common Flip monster
DIP-P020 Blue-Eyes Toon Dragon Dragão Toon de Olhos Azuis Common Toon monster
DIP-P021 Toon Summoned Skull Caveira Invocada Toon Common Toon monster
DIP-P022 Manga Ryu-Ran Mangá Ryu-Ran Common Toon monster
DIP-P023 Toon Mermaid Sereia Toon Common Toon monster
DIP-P024 Toon World Mundo Toon Common Continuous Spell Card
DIP-P025 Black Pendant Pendente Negro Common Equip Spell Card
DIP-P026 Dark Hole Buraco Negro Common Normal Spell Card
DIP-P027 Dian Keto the Cure Master Dian Keto, Mestre da Cura Common Normal Spell Card
DIP-P028 Fissure Fissura Common Normal Spell Card
DIP-P029 De-Spell Remover Magia Common Normal Spell Card
DIP-P030 Change of Heart Mudança de Opinião Common Normal Spell Card
DIP-P031 Stop Defense Impedir a Defesa Common Normal Spell Card
DIP-P032 Mystical Space Typhoon Tufão Espacial Místico Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DIP-P033 Rush Recklessly Impulso Precipitado Common Quick-Play Spell Card
DIP-P034 Remove Trap Remover Armadilha Common Normal Spell Card
DIP-P035 Monster Reborn Reviver Monstro Common Normal Spell Card
DIP-P036 Soul Release Libertar Almas Common Normal Spell Card
DIP-P037 Yami Yami Common Field Spell Card
DIP-P038 Black Illusion Ritual Ritual de Ilusão Negra Common Ritual Spell Card
DIP-P039 Ring of Magnetism Anel do Magnetismo Common Equip Spell Card
DIP-P040 Graceful Charity Caridade Graciosa Super Rare Normal Spell Card
DIP-P041 Trap Hole Buraco Armadilha Common Normal Trap Card
DIP-P042 Reinforcements Reforços Common Normal Trap Card
DIP-P043 Castle Walls Muralhas do Castelo Common Normal Trap Card
DIP-P044 Waboku Waboku Common Normal Trap Card
DIP-P045 Seven Tools of the Bandit Sete Ferramentas do Bandido Common Counter Trap Card
DIP-P046 Ultimate Offering Oferenda Derradeira Common Continuous Trap Card
DIP-P047 Robbin' Goblin Goblin Larápio Common Continuous Trap Card
DIP-P048 Magic Jammer Bloqueador de Magia Common Counter Trap Card
DIP-P049 Enchanted Javelin Dardo Encantado Common Normal Trap Card
DIP-P050 Gryphon Wing Asa de Grifo Super Rare Normal Trap Card

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