Starter Deck: Joey
STARTER DECK조이 덱 —조이 편—
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
SDJ-KR001 Red-Eyes B. Dragon 붉은 눈의 흑룡 Ultra Rare Normal Monster
SDJ-KR002 Swordsman of Landstar 랜드스타의 검사 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR003 Baby Dragon 베이비 드래곤 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR004 Spirit of the Harp 하프의 정령 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR005 Island Turtle 아일랜드 터틀 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR006 Flame Manipulator 화염의 조정자 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR007 Masaki the Legendary Swordsman 전설의검객마사키 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR008 7 Colored Fish 레인보우 휘시 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR009 Armored Lizard 아머 리저드 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR010 Darkfire Soldier #1 버닝 솔저 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR011 Sky Scout 하드맨 Common Normal Monster
SDJ-KR012 Gearfried the Iron Knight 철의 기사 기어프리드 Common Effect Monster
SDJ-KR013 Karate Man 당수 Common Effect Monster
SDJ-KR014 Milus Radiant 미리스 레디언트 Common Effect Monster
SDJ-KR015 Time Wizard 시간의 마술사 Common Effect Monster
SDJ-KR016 Maha Vailo 마하바일로 Common Effect Monster
SDJ-KR017 Magician of Faith 성스러운 마술사 Common Flip monster
SDJ-KR018 Big Eye 빅아이 Common Flip monster
SDJ-KR019 Sangan 크리터 Common Effect Monster
SDJ-KR020 Princess of Tsurugi 검의 여왕 Common Flip monster
SDJ-KR021 White Magical Hat 흰 도둑 Common Effect Monster
SDJ-KR022 Penguin Soldier 펭귄 솔저 Super Rare Flip monster
SDJ-KR023 Thousand Dragon 천년룡 Common Fusion Monster
SDJ-KR024 Flame Swordsman 화염의검사 Common Fusion Monster
SDJ-KR025 Malevolent Nuzzler 악마의키스 Common Equip Spell Card
SDJ-KR026 Dark Hole 블랙홀 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR027 Dian Keto the Cure Master 치료의 신 다이안 켓 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR028 Fissure 갈라진 대지 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR029 De-Spell 마법 제거 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR030 Change of Heart 마음의 변화 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR031 Block Attack 공격봉인 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR032 Giant Trunade 허리케인 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR033 The Reliable Guardian 듬직한 수호자 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SDJ-KR034 Remove Trap 함정해제 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR035 Monster Reborn 죽은 자의 소생 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR036 Polymerization 융합 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR037 Mountain Common Field Spell Card
SDJ-KR038 Dragon Treasure 드래곤의보물 Common Equip Spell Card
SDJ-KR039 Eternal Rest 성불 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR040 Shield & Sword 오른손엔 방패 왼손엔 검 Common Normal Spell Card
SDJ-KR041 Scapegoat 희생양 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
SDJ-KR042 Just Desserts 자업자득 Common Normal Trap Card
SDJ-KR043 Trap Hole 함정 속으로 Common Normal Trap Card
SDJ-KR044 Reinforcements 지원군 Common Normal Trap Card
SDJ-KR045 Castle Walls 성벽 Common Normal Trap Card
SDJ-KR046 Waboku 화목의 사자 Common Normal Trap Card
SDJ-KR047 Ultimate Offering 희생의 제물 Common Continuous Trap Card
SDJ-KR048 Seven Tools of the Bandit 도적의 7가지 도구 Common Counter Trap Card
SDJ-KR049 Fake Trap 가짜 함정 Common Normal Trap Card
SDJ-KR050 Reverse Trap 심술꾸러기의 저주 Common Normal Trap Card

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