Set Card Lists:Shadow of Infinity (TCG-EN)

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Shadow of Infinity
(TCG - English)
Set number Name Rarity Card number Category
SOI-EN001 Uria, Lord of Searing Flames Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 06007213 Effect Monster
SOI-EN002 Hamon, Lord of Striking Thunder Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 32491822 Effect Monster
SOI-EN003 Raviel, Lord of Phantasms Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 69890967 Effect Monster
SOI-EN004 Elemental Hero Neo Bubbleman Common 05285665 Effect Monster
SOI-EN005 Hero Kid Common 32679370 Effect Monster
SOI-EN006 Cyber Barrier Dragon Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 68774379 Effect Monster
SOI-EN007 Cyber Laser Dragon Ultra Rare/Ultimate Rare 04162088 Effect Monster
SOI-EN008 Ancient Gear Common 31557782 Effect Monster
SOI-EN009 Ancient Gear Cannon Common 80045583 Effect Monster
SOI-EN010 Proto-Cyber Dragon Rare/Ultimate Rare 26439287 Effect Monster
SOI-EN011 Adhesive Explosive Rare/Ultimate Rare 53828396 Effect Monster
SOI-EN012 Machine King Prototype Common 89222931 Effect Monster
SOI-EN013 B.E.S. Covered Core Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 15317640 Effect Monster
SOI-EN014 D.D. Guide Common 52702748 Effect Monster
SOI-EN015 Chain Thrasher Common 88190453 Effect Monster
SOI-EN016 Disciple of the Forbidden Spell Common 15595052 Effect Monster
SOI-EN017 Tenkabito Shien Common 41589166 Effect Monster
SOI-EN018 Parasitic Ticky Common 87978805 Effect Monster
SOI-EN019 Gokipon Common 14472500 Effect Monster
SOI-EN020 Silent Insect Common 40867519 Effect Monster
SOI-EN021 Chainsaw Insect Rare/Ultimate Rare 77252217 Effect Monster
SOI-EN022 Anteatereatingant Common 13250922 Effect Monster
SOI-EN023 Saber Beetle Common 49645921 Effect Monster
SOI-EN024 Doom Dozer Rare/Ultimate Rare 76039636 Effect Monster
SOI-EN025 Treeborn Frog Rare/Ultimate Rare 12538374 Effect Monster
SOI-EN026 Beelze Frog Common 49522489 Effect Monster
SOI-EN027 Princess Pikeru Rare/Ultimate Rare 75917088 Effect Monster
SOI-EN028 Princess Curran Rare/Ultimate Rare 02316186 Effect Monster
SOI-EN029 Memory Crusher Rare/Ultimate Rare 48700891 Effect Monster
SOI-EN030 Malice Ascendant Common 14255590 Effect Monster
SOI-EN031 Grass Phantom Common 41249545 Effect Monster
SOI-EN032 Sand Moth Common 73648243 Effect Monster
SOI-EN033 Divine Dragon - Excelion Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 10032958 Effect Monster
SOI-EN034 Ruin, Queen of Oblivion Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 46427957 Ritual Monster
SOI-EN035 Demise, King of Armageddon Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 72426662 Ritual Monster
SOI-EN036 D.3.S. Frog Common 09910360 Fusion Monster
SOI-EN037 Hero Heart Common 67951831 Normal Spell Card
SOI-EN038 Magnet Circle LV2 Common 94940436 Normal Spell Card
SOI-EN039 Ancient Gear Factory Common 30435145 Normal Spell Card
SOI-EN040 Ancient Gear Drill Common 67829249 Normal Spell Card
SOI-EN041 Phantasmal Martyrs Rare/Ultimate Rare 93224848 Normal Spell Card
SOI-EN042 Cyclone Boomerang Rare/Ultimate Rare 29612557 Equip Spell Card
SOI-EN043 Symbol of Heritage Common 45305419 Equip Spell Card
SOI-EN044 Trial of the Princesses Common 72709014 Equip Spell Card
SOI-EN045 Photon Generator Unit Common 66607691 Quick-Play Spell Card
SOI-EN046 End of the World Common 08198712 Ritual Spell Card
SOI-EN047 Ancient Gear Castle Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 92001300 Continuous Spell Card
SOI-EN048 Samsara Common 44182827 Continuous Spell Card
SOI-EN049 Super Junior Confrontation Common 29590905 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN050 Miracle Kids Common 55985014 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN051 Attack Reflector Unit Common 91989718 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN052 Damage Condenser Super Rare/Ultimate Rare 28378427 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN053 Karma Cut Rare/Ultimate Rare 71587526 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN054 Next to be Lost Common 07076131 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN055 Generation Shift Common 34460239 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN056 Full Salvo Common 70865988 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN057 Success Probability 0% Common 06859683 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN058 Option Hunter Rare/Ultimate Rare 33248692 Normal Trap Card
SOI-EN059 Goblin Out of the Frying Pan Rare/Ultimate Rare 69632396 Counter Trap Card
SOI-EN060 Malfunction Rare/Ultimate Rare 06137095 Counter Trap Card

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