Shadow Specters
Spettri dell'Ombra
Set number English name Italian name Rarity Category
SHSP-IT000 Ghostrick Ghoul Ghoul Fantasmatrucco Super Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT001 Labradorite Dragon Drago di Labradorite Super Rare Normal Tuner monster
SHSP-IT002 Chow Chow Chan Chow Chow Chan Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT003 Malicevorous Spoon Cucchiaio Divoramalizia Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT004 Malicevorous Fork Forchetta Divoramalizia Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT005 Malicevorous Knife Coltello Divoramalizia Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT006 Battlin' Boxer Rib Gardna Pugile Indomito Costole Gardna Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT007 Battlin' Boxer Rabbit Puncher Pugile Indomito Coniglio Picchiatore Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT008 Secret Sect Druid Wid Druido Wid Setta Segreta Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT009 Secret Sect Druid Dru Druido Dru Setta Segreta Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT010 Mythic Tree Dragon Drago Albero Mitico Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT011 Mythic Water Dragon Drago Acqua Mitico Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT012 Armed Protector Dragon Drago Protettore Armato Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT013 Soul Drain Dragon Drago Risucchio dell'Anima Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT014 Baby Raccoon Ponpoko Piccolo Procione Ponpoko Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT015 Baby Raccoon Tantan Piccolo Procione Tantan Common Flip monster
SHSP-IT016 Ghostrick Lantern Lanterna Fantasmatrucco Super Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT017 Ghostrick Specter Spettro Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT018 Ghostrick Witch Strega Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT019 Ghostrick Yuki-onna Yuki-onna Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT020 Ghostrick Jiangshi Jiangshi Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT021 Ghostrick Stein Stein Fantasmatrucco Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT022 Bujin Mikazuchi Bujin Mikazuchi Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT023 Bujingi Crow Bujingi Corvo Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT024 Bujingi Ibis Bujingi Ibis Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT025 Bujingi Boar Bujingi Cinghiale Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT026 Bujingi Centipede Bujingi Centopiedi Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT027 Mecha Phantom Beast Sabre Hawk Bestia Fantasma Meccanica Sparviero Scimitarra Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT028 Mecha Phantom Beast Kalgriffin Bestia Fantasma Meccanica Kalgrifone Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT029 Vampire Sorcerer Stregone Vampiro Ultra Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT030 Shadow Vampire Vampiro Ombra Secret Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT031 Vampire Grace Grazia Vampira Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT032 Pumprincess the Princess of Ghosts Principessa dei Fantasmi Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT033 Yellow-Bellied Oni Oni Ventre-Giallo Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT034 Vampire Hunter Cacciatore di Vampiri Super Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT035 Aratama Aratama Rare Spirit monster
SHSP-IT036 Rasetsu Rasetsu Common Spirit monster
SHSP-IT037 Skelesaurus Schelesauro Common Gemini monster
SHSP-IT038 Knight Day Grepher Cavaliere Day Grepher Common Gemini monster
SHSP-IT039 Genomix Fighter‎ Guerriero Genomix Ultra Rare Effect Tuner monster
SHSP-IT040 Mariña, Princess of Sunflowers Mariña, Principessa dei Girasoli Super Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT041 Granmarg the Mega Monarch Granmarg il Mega Monarca Secret Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT042 Swarm of Crows Stormo di Corvi Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT043 Terrene Toothed Tsuchinoko‎ Tsuchinoko Dentuto Terreno Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT044 Risebell the Star Psycher Risebell lo Psycher di Stelle Short Print Effect Monster
SHSP-IT045 Blue Duston Polverello Blu Short Print Effect Monster
SHSP-IT046 Number C96: Dark Storm Numero C96: Tempesta Oscura Super Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT047 Number 65: Djinn Buster Numero 65: Combattente Djinn Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT048 Number C65: King Overfiend Numero C65: Re Overdemone Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT049 Battlin' Boxer Cheat Commissioner Pugile Indomito Commissario Truffe Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT050 Number 46: Dragluon Numero 46: Dragluone Super Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT051 Number 64: Ronin Raccoon Sandayu Numero 64: Procione Ronin Sandayu Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT052 Ghostrick Alucard Alucard Fantasmatrucco Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT053 Bujintei Kagutsuchi Bujintei Kagutsuchi Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT054 Crimson Knight Vampire Bram Cavaliere Vampiro Scarlatto Bram Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT055 Meliae of the Trees Meliae degli Alberi Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT056 Divine Dragon Knight Felgrand Cavaliere Divino Glorioso Drago d'Oro Secret Rare
Ultimate Rare
Ghost Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT057 Puralis, the Purple Pyrotile Puralis, il Pyropiastra Viola Rare Effect Tuner Synchro Monster
SHSP-IT058 Giganticastle Castellogigante Rare Effect Synchro Monster
SHSP-IT059 Gagagatag Gagagasegnale Common Normal Spell Card
SHSP-IT060 Battlin' Boxing Spirits Spiriti Pugilistici Indomiti Super Rare Normal Spell Card
SHSP-IT061 Dragon Shield Scudo Drago Common Equip Spell Card
SHSP-IT062 Ghostrick Mansion Magione Fantasmatrucco Common Field Spell Card
SHSP-IT063 Bujin Regalia - The Mirror Regalie Bujin - Lo Specchio Rare Normal Spell Card
SHSP-IT064 Vampire Kingdom Regno dei Vampiri Common Field Spell Card
SHSP-IT065 Pot of Dichotomy Giara della Dicotomia Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
SHSP-IT066 Swords at Dawn Spade all'Alba Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
SHSP-IT067 Return of the Monarchs Ritorno dei Monarchi Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
SHSP-IT068 Sacred Serpent's Wake Scia del Serpente Sacro Common Quick-Play Spell Card
SHSP-IT069 Magicalized Duston Mop Strofinaccio Polverello Magico Short Print Equip Spell Card
SHSP-IT070 Burst Rebirth Rinascita Esplosiva Rare Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT071 Numbers Overlay Boost Potenziamento Sovrapposizione di Numeri Common Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT072 Intrigue Shield Scudo Intrigo Common Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT073 Ghostrick Vanish Scomparsa Fantasmatrucco Common Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT074 Ghostrick Scare Spavento Fantasmatrucco Common Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT075 Vampire Takeover Conquista dei Vampiri Super Rare Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT076 Mistake Sbaglio Secret Rare Continuous Trap Card
SHSP-IT077 Chain Ignition Combustione a Catena Common Continuous Trap Card
SHSP-IT078 Grisaille Prison Prigione Grisaglia Rare Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT079 Survival of the Fittest‎ Sopravvivenza del Più Forte Common Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT080 BIG Win!? GROSSA Vincita!? Short Print Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT081 Bujingi Raven Bujingi Cornacchia Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT082 Vampire Duke Duca Vampiro Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT083 Archfiend Giant Gigante Arcidemone Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT084 Lady of the Lake La Signora del Lago Secret Rare Effect Tuner monster
SHSP-IT085 Noble Knight Borz Nobile Cavaliere Borz Super Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT086 Ignoble Knight of High Laundsallyn Ignobile Cavaliere dell'Alto Laundsallyn Secret Rare Effect Synchro Monster
SHSP-IT087 Sacred Noble Knight of King Artorigus Sacro Nobile Cavaliere del Re Artorigus Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT088 Noble Arms - Excaliburn Nobili Armi - Excaliburn Super Rare Equip Spell Card
SHSP-IT089 Sinister Yorishiro Yorishiro il Sinistro Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
SHSP-IT090 Celestial Wolf Lord, Blue Sirius Signore Lupo Celestiale, Sirio Blu Ultra Rare Effect Synchro Monster
SHSP-IT091 Mira the Star-Bearer Mira il Rompi-Stelle Common Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT092 Dragard Dragard Super Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT093 White Dragon Wyverburster Drago Bianco Vivernaesplosiva Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT094 Kidmodo Dragon Drago Kidmodo Super Rare Effect Monster
SHSP-IT095 Secret Sanctuary of the Spellcasters Il Santuario Segreto degli Incantatori Rare Continuous Spell Card
SHSP-IT096 Black Dragon Collapserpent Drago Nero Crolloserpente Common Effect Monster
SHSP-IT097 Armored Kappa Kappa Corazzato Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
SHSP-IT098 Oh Tokenbaum! Oh Segna-Mostro-baum! Rare Normal Trap Card
SHSP-IT099 Vivid Knight Cavaliere Vivido Rare Effect Monster

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