Rise of the Dragon Lords Structure Deck
La Résurrection des Grands Dragons Deck de Structure
Set number English name French name Rarity Category Qty
SDRL-FR001 Felgrand Dragon Grand Dragon d'Or Ultra Rare Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR002 Darkblaze Dragon Dragon du Brasier Sombre Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR003 Herald of Creation Prophète de la Création Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR004 Decoy Dragon Dragon Appât Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR005 Spear Cretin Familier des Ténèbres Common Flip monster 1
SDRL-FR006 Gilford the Lightning Gilford, L'Éclair Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR007 Morphing Jar Morphojarre Common Flip monster 1
SDRL-FR008 Kaiser Sea Horse Kaiser Hippocampe Common Effect Monster 2
SDRL-FR009 Tyrant Dragon Dragon Tyran Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR010 Twin-Headed Behemoth Béhémoth à Deux Têtes Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR011 Guardian Angel Joan Ange-Gardien Joan Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR012 Horus the Black Flame Dragon LV6 Horus Dragon de la Flamme Noire LV6 Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR013 Masked Dragon Dragon Masqué Common Effect Monster 2
SDRL-FR014 The Creator Le Créateur Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR015 The Creator Incarnate Le Créateur Incarné Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR016 Flame Ruler Maître de la Flamme Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR017 Majestic Mech - Goryu Goryu - Méca Majestueux Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR018 Snipe Hunter Chasseur de Précision Common Effect Monster 1
SDRL-FR019 Trade-In Transaction Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR020 Foolish Burial Sacrifice Inutile Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR021 Soul Exchange Bourse des Âmes Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR022 Giant Trunade Tornade Géante Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR023 The Shallow Grave Le Tombeau Vide Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR024 Premature Burial Enterrement Prématuré Common Equip Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR025 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon Le Battement d'Aile du Dragon Géant Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR026 Terraforming Terra Formation Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR027 Big Bang Shot Big Bang Common Equip Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR028 Mystik Wok Wok Mystique Common Quick-Play Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR029 Lightning Vortex Vortex Foudroyant Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR030 Brain Control Contrôle Cérébral Common Normal Spell Card 1
SDRL-FR031 Mausoleum of the Emperor Mausolée de l'Empereur Common Field Spell Card 2
SDRL-FR032 Malevolent Catastrophe Catastrophe Infernale Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDRL-FR033 Dust Tornado Tornade de Poussière Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDRL-FR034 Call of the Haunted Appel de l'Être Hanté Common Continuous Trap Card 1
SDRL-FR035 Magic Jammer Brouilleur Magique Common Counter Trap Card 1
SDRL-FR036 Sakuretsu Armor Armure de Sakuretsu Common Normal Trap Card 1
SDRL-FR037 Draining Shield Bouclier Drainant Common Normal Trap Card 1

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