Retro Pack 2
Worldwide English
Set number Name Rarity Category
RP02-EN000 Gorz the Emissary of Darkness Secret Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN001 Jinzo Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN002 Parasite Paracide Common Flip monster
RP02-EN003 Lightforce Sword Common Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN004 Chain Destruction Rare Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN005 Dust Tornado Common Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN006 Call of the Haunted Common Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN007 Mirror Wall Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN008 Appropriate Common Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN009 Ceasefire Rare Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN010 Magical Hats Rare Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN011 Nobleman of Crossout Common Normal Spell Card
RP02-EN012 Premature Burial Common Equip Spell Card
RP02-EN013 Buster Blader Super Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN014 Skull Invitation Common Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN015 Limiter Removal Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
RP02-EN016 Insect Imitation Common Normal Spell Card
RP02-EN017 Magic Drain Common Counter Trap Card
RP02-EN018 Gravity Bind Common Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN019 The Legendary Fisherman Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN020 Thousand-Eyes Idol Common Normal Monster
RP02-EN021 Thousand-Eyes Restrict Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
RP02-EN022 4-Starred Ladybug of Doom Common Flip monster
RP02-EN023 Mad Sword Beast Common Effect Monster
RP02-EN024 Goblin Attack Force Common Effect Monster
RP02-EN025 Gearfried the Iron Knight Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN026 Gemini Elf Common Normal Monster
RP02-EN027 The Masked Beast Super Rare Ritual Monster
RP02-EN028 Revival Jam Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN029 Melchid the Four-Face Beast Common Normal Monster
RP02-EN030 Curse of the Masked Beast Common Ritual Spell Card
RP02-EN031 Mask of Restrict Common Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN032 Lightning Blade Common Equip Spell Card
RP02-EN033 Tornado Wall Common Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN034 Torrential Tribute Common Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN035 Infinite Cards Rare Continuous Spell Card
RP02-EN036 Jam Defender Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN037 Card of Safe Return Common Continuous Spell Card
RP02-EN038 United We Stand Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
RP02-EN039 Mage Power Rare Equip Spell Card
RP02-EN040 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Common Effect Monster
RP02-EN041 Bazoo the Soul-Eater Common Effect Monster
RP02-EN042 Dark Necrofear Super Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN043 Gilasaurus Common Effect Monster
RP02-EN044 Dark Spirit of the Silent Common Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN045 Destiny Board Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN046 Spirit Message "I" Common Continuous Spell Card
RP02-EN047 Spirit Message "N" Common Continuous Spell Card
RP02-EN048 Spirit Message "A" Common Continuous Spell Card
RP02-EN049 Spirit Message "L" Common Continuous Spell Card
RP02-EN050 Magic Cylinder Rare Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN051 Yata-Garasu Common Spirit monster
RP02-EN052 Dark Ruler Ha Des Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN053 Opticlops Common Normal Monster
RP02-EN054 Freed the Matchless General Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN055 Emergency Provisions Common Quick-Play Spell Card
RP02-EN056 Tyrant Dragon Super Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN057 Spear Dragon Common Effect Monster
RP02-EN058 Airknight Parshath Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN059 Yamata Dragon Rare Spirit monster
RP02-EN060 Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Super Rare Spirit monster
RP02-EN061 Asura Priest Common Spirit monster
RP02-EN062 A Legendary Ocean Common Field Spell Card
RP02-EN063 Creature Swap Common Normal Spell Card
RP02-EN064 Bottomless Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN065 Injection Fairy Lily Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN066 Ring of Destruction Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN067 Guardian Sphinx Common Effect Monster
RP02-EN068 Don Zaloog Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN069 Book of Taiyou Common Normal Spell Card
RP02-EN070 Book of Moon Common Quick-Play Spell Card
RP02-EN071 Reckless Greed Common Normal Trap Card
RP02-EN072 Dark Jeroid Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN073 Newdoria Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN074 Helpoemer Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN075 Gravekeeper's Spy Common Flip monster
RP02-EN076 Gravekeeper's Chief Common Effect Monster
RP02-EN077 Gravekeeper's Assailant Common Effect Monster
RP02-EN078 Dark Room of Nightmare Common Continuous Spell Card
RP02-EN079 Necrovalley Rare Field Spell Card
RP02-EN080 Barrel Behind the Door Common Counter Trap Card
RP02-EN081 Nightmare Wheel Rare Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN082 Lava Golem Super Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN083 Morphing Jar Rare Flip monster
RP02-EN084 Royal Decree Rare Continuous Trap Card
RP02-EN085 Swift Gaia the Fierce Knight Ultra Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN086 Obnoxious Celtic Guardian Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN087 Kaiser Sea Horse Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN088 Insect Queen Super Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN089 Alpha The Magnet Warrior Rare Normal Monster
RP02-EN090 Beta The Magnet Warrior Rare Normal Monster
RP02-EN091 Gamma The Magnet Warrior Rare Normal Monster
RP02-EN092 Valkyrion the Magna Warrior Secret Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN093 Harpie's Pet Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN094 Archfiend of Gilfer Secret Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN095 Light and Darkness Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN096 Blue-Eyes Shining Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN097 Dragon Master Knight Secret Rare Effect Fusion Monster
RP02-EN098 Victory Dragon Secret Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN099 Green Baboon, Defender of the Forest Secret Rare Effect Monster
RP02-EN100 Dreadscythe Harvester Secret Rare Effect Monster

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