Pharaonic Guardian
왕가의 수호자
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
PGD-KR000 Ring of Destruction 파괴륜 Secret Rare Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR001 Molten Behemoth Common Normal Monster
PGD-KR002 Shapesnatch 셰이프스내치 Common Normal Monster
PGD-KR003 Souleater Common Normal Monster
PGD-KR004 King Tiger Wanghu 왕호 왕후 Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR005 Birdface Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR006 Kryuel 크루엘 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR007 Arsenal Bug 아머드 플라이 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR008 Maiden of the Aqua Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR009 Jowls of Dark Demise X・E・N・O Rare Flip monster
PGD-KR010 Timeater 타임 이터 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR011 Mucus Yolk Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR012 Servant of Catabolism 이형의 추종자 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR013 Moisture Creature Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR014 Gora Turtle Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR015 Sasuke Samurai 일도양단 사무라이 Super Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR016 Poison Mummy Common Flip monster
PGD-KR017 Dark Dust Spirit 모래 먼지의 악령 Common Spirit monster
PGD-KR018 Royal Keeper 왕족친위대 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR019 Wandering Mummy 방황하는 미라 Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR020 Great Dezard 대신관 데자드 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR021 Swarm of Scarabs 스캐럽 대군 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR022 Swarm of Locusts 메뚜기 군세 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR023 Giant Axe Mummy Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR024 8-Claws Scorpion 8쌍 다리 스콜피온 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR025 Guardian Sphinx 가디언 스핑크스 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR026 Pyramid Turtle 피라미드 터틀 Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR027 Dice Jar 다이스 포트 Common Flip monster
PGD-KR028 Dark Scorpion Burglars Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR029 Don Zaloog 돈 잘우그 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR030 Des Lacooda 데스 낙타 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR031 Fushioh Richie Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR032 Cobraman Sakuzy Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR033 Book of Life 생자의 서-금단의 주술- Super Rare Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR034 Book of Taiyou 태양의 서 Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR035 Book of Moon 달의 서 Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
PGD-KR036 Mirage of Nightmare Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
PGD-KR037 Secret Pass to the Treasures Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR038 Call of the Mummy 미라가 부르는 소리 Common Continuous Spell Card
PGD-KR039 Timidity 겁쟁이 Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR040 Pyramid Energy Common Quick-Play Spell Card
PGD-KR041 Tutan Mask 투탄 가면 Common Counter Trap Card
PGD-KR042 Ordeal of a Traveler 여행자의 시련 Common Continuous Trap Card
PGD-KR043 Bottomless Shifting Sand Common Continuous Trap Card
PGD-KR044 Curse of Royal 왕가의 저주 Rare Counter Trap Card
PGD-KR045 Needle Ceiling Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR046 Statue of the Wicked 황금의사신상 Super Rare Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR047 Dark Coffin 저주받은 관 Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR048 Needle Wall 바늘 벽 Common Continuous Trap Card
PGD-KR049 Trap Dustshoot 더스트 슛 Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR050 Pyro Clock of Destiny Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR051 Reckless Greed 무모한 욕심쟁이 Rare Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR052 Pharaoh's Treasure Rare Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR053 Master Kyonshee 달인 강시 Common Normal Monster
PGD-KR054 Kabazauls 재채기 하마사우루스 Common Normal Monster
PGD-KR055 Inpachi Common Normal Monster
PGD-KR056 Dark Jeroid Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR057 Newdoria Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR058 Helpoemer 지옥시인 헬포에머 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR059 Gravekeeper's Spy 묘지기의 정찰자 Common Flip monster
PGD-KR060 Gravekeeper's Curse Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR061 Gravekeeper's Guard 묘지기의 파수병 Common Flip monster
PGD-KR062 Gravekeeper's Spear Soldier 묘지기의 창기병 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR063 Gravekeeper's Vassal Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR064 Gravekeeper's Watcher Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR065 Gravekeeper's Chief 묘지기의 장 Super Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR066 Gravekeeper's Cannonholder Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR067 Gravekeeper's Assailant 묘지기의 암살자 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR068 A Man with Wdjat 우자트의 눈을 가진 남자 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR069 Mystical Knight of Jackal 자칼의 성전사 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR070 A Cat of Ill Omen 불행을 알리는 검은고양이 Common Flip monster
PGD-KR071 Yomi Ship 황천으로 건너는 배 Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR072 Winged Sage Falcos 비행현자 팔코스 Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR073 An Owl of Luck 행운을 알리는 올빼미 Common Flip monster
PGD-KR074 Charm of Shabti Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR075 Cobra Jar Common Flip monster
PGD-KR076 Spirit Reaper 영혼을 깎는 사령 Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR077 Nightmare Horse Common Effect Monster
PGD-KR078 Reaper on the Nightmare 나이트메어를 쫓는 사령 Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
PGD-KR079 Dark Designator 어둠의 지명자 Rare Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR080 Card Shuffle Common Continuous Spell Card
PGD-KR081 Reasoning 명추리 Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR082 Dark Room of Nightmare 악몽의 고문실 Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
PGD-KR083 Different Dimension Capsule 타임 캡슐 Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR084 Necrovalley 왕가의 골짜기-네크로밸리 Super Rare Field Spell Card
PGD-KR085 Buster Rancher Common Equip Spell Card
PGD-KR086 Hieroglyph Lithograph Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR087 Dark Snake Syndrome 흑사병 Common Continuous Spell Card
PGD-KR088 Terraforming 테라포밍 Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR089 Banner of Courage 용기의 깃발 Common Continuous Spell Card
PGD-KR090 Metamorphosis Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR091 Royal Tribute 왕가의 제물 Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR092 Reversal Quiz 대역전 퀴즈 Common Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR093 Coffin Seller Rare Continuous Trap Card
PGD-KR094 Curse of Aging Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR095 Barrel Behind the Door Super Rare Counter Trap Card
PGD-KR096 Raigeki Break 썬더 브레이크 Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR097 Narrow Pass Common Continuous Trap Card
PGD-KR098 Disturbance Strategy Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR099 Trap of Board Eraser Super Rare Counter Trap Card
PGD-KR100 Rite of Spirit 강령의 의식 Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR101 Non Aggression Area Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR102 D. Tribe Common Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR103 Byser Shock Ultra Rare Effect Monster
PGD-KR104 Question 퀴즈 Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
PGD-KR105 Rope of Life Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
PGD-KR106 Nightmare Wheel 고문 바퀴 Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
PGD-KR107 Lava Golem 용암 마신 라바 골렘 Secret Rare Effect Monster

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