환영의 어둠
(OCG - Korean)
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Card number Category
PTDN-KR001 Gladiator Beast Andal 검투수안달 Common 90582719 Normal Monster
PTDN-KR002 Atlantean Pikeman 해황의장창병 Common 26976414 Normal Monster
PTDN-KR003 Rainbow Dark Dragon 궁극보옥신레인보우다크드래곤 Ultra Rare 79407975 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR003 Rainbow Dark Dragon 궁극보옥신레인보우다크드래곤 Ultimate Rare 79407975 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR004 Samsara Lotus 새크리파이스로터스 Common 05592689 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR005 Regenerating Rose 스플릿데몬로즈 Common 31986288 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR006 Yubel 유벨 Common 78371393 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR007 Yubel - Terror Incarnate 유벨-다스압쇼이리히리터 Super Rare 04779091 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR008 Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare 유벨-다스엑스트리머트라우리히드라헨 Ultra Rare 31764700 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR008 Yubel - The Ultimate Nightmare 유벨-다스엑스트리머트라우리히드라헨 Ultimate Rare 31764700 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR009 Armored Cybern 아머드사이번 Common 67159705 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR010 Cyber Valley 사이버밸리 Super Rare 03657444 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR011 Cyber Ouroboros 사이버우로보로스 Common 30042158 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR012 Volcanic Counter 볼캐닉카운터 Super Rare 66436257 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR013 Fire Trooper 파이어트루퍼 Rare 53927679 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR014 Destiny Hero - Dunker 데스티니히어로덩크가이 Common 93431862 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR015 Destiny Hero - Departed 데스티니히어로디파티드가이 Common 39829561 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR016 Dark Horus 다크호루스드래곤 Ultra Rare 66234679 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR017 The Dark Creator 다크크리에이터 Rare 92719314 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR018 Dark Nephthys 다크네프티스 Super Rare 38107923 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR019 Dark Armed Dragon 다크암드드래곤 Rare 65192027 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR020 Dark Crusader 다크크루세이더 Common 91596726 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR021 Armageddon Knight 종말의기사 Rare 28985331 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR022 Doomsday Horror 종언의정령 Common 64379430 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR023 Obsidian Dragon 흑요암류 Common 90464188 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR024 Shadowpriestess of Ohm 프리스티스옴 Common 27869883 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR025 Gemini Lancer 듀얼랜서 Common 26254876 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR026 Gigaplant 기가플랜트 Common 53257892 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR027 Future Samurai 미래사무라이 Rare 90642597 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR028 Vengeful Shinobi 악시노비 Common 26046205 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR029 The Immortal Bushi 불사무사 Rare 52035300 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR030 Field-Commander Rahz 전사라즈 Super Rare 89529919 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR031 Gladiator Beast Darius 검투수다리우스 Common 25924653 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR032 Imprisoned Queen Archfiend 프리즌퀸데몬 Common 52248570 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR033 Black Veloci 암흑의벨로키 Common 52319752 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR034 Superancient Deepsea King Coelacanth 초고심해왕실러캔스 Common 88307361 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR035 Cannon Soldier MK-2 메가캐논솔저 Common 14702066 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR036 The Calculator 더캘큘레이터 Rare 51196174 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR037 Sea Koala 코알랏코 Common 87685879 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR038 Blue Thunder T-45 블루썬더T45 Rare 14089428 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR039 Magnetic Mosquito 모스키토마그네 Common 50074522 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR040 Earth Effigy 가이아프레임 Common 53461122 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR041 Wind Effigy 윈드프레임 Common 99865167 Effect Monster
PTDN-KR042 Neo-Spacian Twinkle Moss 네오스페이시언트윈클모스 Common 13857930 Fusion Monster
PTDN-KR043 Elemental Hero Storm Neos 엘리멘틀히어로스톰네오스 Ultra Rare 49352945 Fusion Monster
PTDN-KR043 Elemental Hero Storm Neos 엘리멘틀히어로스톰네오스 Ultimate Rare 49352945 Fusion Monster
PTDN-KR044 Rainbow Neos 레인보우네오스 Ultra Rare 86346643 Fusion Monster
PTDN-KR044 Rainbow Neos 레인보우네오스 Ultimate Rare 86346643 Fusion Monster
PTDN-KR044 Rainbow Neos 레인보우네오스 Holographic Rare 86346643 Fusion Monster
PTDN-KR045 Rainbow Veil 레인보우베일 Rare 12735388 Equip Spell Card
PTDN-KR046 Super Polymerization 초융합 Super Rare 48130397 Quick-Play Spell Card
PTDN-KR047 Vicious Claw 비셔스클로 Rare 75524092 Equip Spell Card
PTDN-KR048 Instant Neo Space 인스턴트네오스페이스 Common 11913700 Equip Spell Card
PTDN-KR049 Mirage Tube 미라지실린더 Rare 48017809 Quick-Play Spell Card
PTDN-KR050 Spell Chronicle 매직크로니클 Common 74402414 Continuous Spell Card
PTDN-KR051 Dimension Explosion 차원유폭 Common 01896112 Quick-Play Spell Card
PTDN-KR052 Cybernetic Zone 사이버네틱존 Common 47295267 Quick-Play Spell Card
PTDN-KR053 The Beginning of the End 끝의시작 Rare 73680966 Normal Spell Card
PTDN-KR054 Dark Eruption 다크버스트 Super Rare 00674561 Normal Spell Card
PTDN-KR055 Fires of Doomsday 종언의화염 Normal Rare 46173679 Quick Play Spell Card
PTDN-KR056 Unleash Your Power! 포스릴리스 Common 73567374 Quick Play Spell Card
PTDN-KR057 Chain Summoning 소환체인 Common 09952083 Quick Play Spell Card
PTDN-KR058 Acidic Downpour 애시드드레인 Common 35956022 Field Spell Card
PTDN-KR059 Six Samurai United 여섯무사의결속 Common 72345736 Continuous Spell Card
PTDN-KR060 Gladiator Beast's Battle Archfiend Shield 검투수의투기데몬즈실드 Common 08730435 Equip Spell Card
PTDN-KR061 Gladiator Proving Ground 검투훈련소 Common 35224440 Normal Spell Card
PTDN-KR062 Dark World Grimoire 암흑계의서적 Common 61623148 Continuous Spell Card
PTDN-KR063 Rainbow Path 무지개의행방 Common 07617253 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR064 Rainbow Life 레인보우라이프 Rare 34002992 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR065 Sinister Seeds 데몬발삼시드 Common 60406591 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR066 Hate Buster 헤이트버스터 Super Rare 93895605 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR067 Chain Material 체인머티리얼 Common 39980304 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR068 Alchemy Cycle 알케미사이클 Common 65384019 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR069 Cybernetic Hidden Technology 사이버네틱히든테크놀로지 Rare 92773018 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR070 Dark Spirit Art - Greed 암령술-욕 Super Rare 38162722 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR071 Dark Illusion 어둠의환영 Common 05562461 Counter Trap Card
PTDN-KR072 Escape from the Dark Dimension 암흑차원의해방 Normal Rare 31550470 Continuous Trap Card
PTDN-KR073 Gemini Trap Hole 이중의함정속으로 Common 67045174 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR074 Drastic Drop Off 강렬한드롭오프 Rare 04440873 Counter Trap Card
PTDN-KR075 All-Out Attacks 소환제한-맹렬한몬스터 Common 30834988 Continuous Trap Card
PTDN-KR076 Double Tag Team 핸디캡매치! Common 67223587 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR077 Offering to the Snake Deity 독사의공물! Normal Rare 93217231 Normal Trap Card
PTDN-KR078 Cry Havoc! 결전의개시 Rare 39712330 Continuous Trap Card
PTDN-KR079 Transmigration Break 전생단절 Common 66100045 Continuous Trap Card
PTDN-KR080 Fine 벌금 Normal Rare 92595643 Normal Trap Card

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