OTS Tournament Pack 3
Worldwide English
Set number Name Rarity Category
OP03-EN001 Swap Frog Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
OP03-EN002 Speedroid Terrortop Ultimate Rare Effect Monster
OP03-EN003 Super Quantal Mech Beast Grampulse Ultimate Rare Effect Xyz Monster
OP03-EN004 Metalfoes Goldriver Super Rare Normal Pendulum Monster
OP03-EN005 Dupe Frog Super Rare Effect Monster
OP03-EN006 Ally of Justice Cycle Reader Super Rare Effect Tuner monster
OP03-EN007 Paladin of Felgrand Super Rare Effect Monster
OP03-EN008 Igknight Reload Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
OP03-EN009 Sky Iris Super Rare Field Spell Card
OP03-EN010 Domain of the True Monarchs Super Rare Field Spell Card
OP03-EN011 Magic Deflector Super Rare Normal Trap Card
OP03-EN012 Chaos Trap Hole Super Rare Counter Trap Card
OP03-EN013 Oasis of Dragon Souls Super Rare Continuous Trap Card
OP03-EN014 Enchanting Mermaid Short Print Normal Monster
OP03-EN015 Slime Toad Common Normal Monster
OP03-EN016 Cipher Soldier Common Effect Monster
OP03-EN017 Black Dragon's Chick Common Effect Monster
OP03-EN018 D.D. Crow Common Effect Monster
OP03-EN019 Doom Shaman Common Gemini monster
OP03-EN020 Hecatrice Common Effect Monster
OP03-EN021 Oyster Meister Common Effect Monster
OP03-EN022 Beast of the Pharaoh Common Effect Monster
OP03-EN023 Night's End Sorcerer Common Effect Tuner monster
OP03-EN024 Darkstorm Dragon Common Gemini monster
OP03-EN025 Uni-Zombie Common Effect Tuner monster
OP03-EN026 Rare Fish Short Print Fusion Monster
OP03-EN027 Fusionist Short Print Fusion Monster

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