OTS Tournament Pack 1
OTS Buste da Torneo 1
Card numberEnglish nameItalian nameRarityCategory
OP01-IT001"Bountiful Artemis""Artemis il Magnanimo"Ultimate RareEffect Monster
OP01-IT002"Vanity's Fiend""Demone della Vanità"Ultimate RareEffect Monster
OP01-IT003"Masked HERO Dark Law""Legge Oscura EROE Mascherato"Ultimate RareEffect Fusion Monster
OP01-IT004"Droll & Lock Bird""Droll & Uccello Serratura"Super RareEffect Monster
OP01-IT005"Infernoid Patrulea""Infernoid Patrulea"Super RareEffect Monster
OP01-IT006"Performapal Lizardraw""Artistamico Pescalucertola"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
OP01-IT007"Performapal Skullcrobat Joker""Artistamico Teschiocrobata Giullare"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
OP01-IT008"Performapal Monkeyboard""Artistamico Scimmiatastiera"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
OP01-IT009"Performapal Guitartle""Artistamico Chitartaruga"Super RareEffect Pendulum Monster
OP01-IT010"Dinoster Power, the Mighty Dracoslayer""Dinosastro Potere, il Poderoso Dracoassassino"Super RareEffect Fusion Monster
OP01-IT011"Anti-Spell Fragrance""Essenza Anti-Magia"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
OP01-IT012"Imperial Iron Wall""Muro di Ferro Imperiale"Super RareContinuous Trap Card
OP01-IT013"Typhoon""Tifone"Super RareNormal Trap Card
OP01-IT014"Skull Servant""Servitore del Teschio"Short PrintNormal Monster
OP01-IT015"Battle Warrior""Guerriero da Battaglia"Short PrintNormal Monster
OP01-IT016"Mezuki""Mezuki"CommonEffect Monster
OP01-IT017"The White Stone of Legend""La Pietra Bianca della Leggenda"CommonEffect Tuner monster
OP01-IT018"Flying "C""""C" Volante"CommonEffect Monster
OP01-IT019"Zombie Warrior""Zombie Guerriero"Short PrintFusion Monster
OP01-IT020"Michael, the Arch-Lightsworn""Michael, l'Arci-Fedele della Luce"CommonEffect Synchro Monster
OP01-IT021"Cyber Dragon Nova""Cyber Drago Nova"CommonEffect Xyz Monster
OP01-IT022"Mage Power""Potere del Mago"CommonEquip Spell Card
OP01-IT023"Offerings to the Doomed""Offerte al Condannato"CommonQuick-Play Spell Card
OP01-IT024"Monster Gate""Mostro-Cancello"CommonNormal Spell Card
OP01-IT025"Allure of Darkness""Fascino dell'Oscurità"CommonNormal Spell Card
OP01-IT026"Summoning Curse""Maledizione dell'Evocazione"CommonContinuous Spell Card
OP01-IT027"Advance Zone""Zona di Avanzamento"CommonContinuous Spell Card

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