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Number Hunters
(TCG - English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category
NUMH-EN001 Chronomaly Aztec Mask Golem Super Rare 94766498 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN002 Chronomaly Cabrera Trebuchet Super Rare 20154092 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN003 Chronomaly Mud Golem Super Rare 67559101 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN004 Chronomaly Sol Monolith Super Rare 93543806 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN005 Gimmick Puppet Egg Head Super Rare 20032555 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN006 Gimmick Puppet Gear Changer Super Rare 56427559 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN007 Gimmick Puppet Twilight Joker Super Rare 92821268 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN008 Gimmick Puppet Scissor Arms Super Rare 29216967 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN009 Gimmick Puppet Nightmare Super Rare 55204071 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN010 Heroic Challenger - Ambush Soldier Secret Rare 92609670 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN011 Heroic Challenger - Clasp Sword Super Rare 28194325 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN012 Blue Mountain Butterspy Super Rare 54582424 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN013 Box of Friends Secret Rare 81587028 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN014 Zombowwow Super Rare 27971137 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN015 Gash the Dust Lord Super Rare 19012345 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN016 Zubaba Knight Super Rare 97896503 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN017 Gogogo Golem Super Rare 62476815 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN018 Kagetokage Super Rare 94656263 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN019 Kurivolt Super Rare 40817915 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN020 Gogogo Giant Super Rare 39695323 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN021 Gagaga Gardna Super Rare 12423762 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN022 Photon Cerberus Super Rare 28990150 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN023 Photon Lizard Super Rare 38973775 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN024 Rocket Arrow Express Super Rare 79850798 Effect Monster
NUMH-EN025 Battle Warrior Super Rare 55550921 Normal Monster
NUMH-EN026 Number 54: Lion Heart Secret Rare 54366836 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN027 Number 15: Gimmick Puppet Giant Grinder Secret Rare 88120966 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN028 Number 44: Sky Pegasus Secret Rare 80764541 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN029 Number 49: Fortune Tune Secret Rare 16259549 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN030 Number 57: Tri-Head Dust Dragon Secret Rare 53244294 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN031 Number 63: Shamoji Soldier Super Rare 89642993 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN032 Number 74: Master of Blades Secret Rare 16037007 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN033 Number 85: Crazy Box Super Rare 42421606 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN034 Number 87: Queen of the Night Super Rare 89516305 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN035 Mechquipped Angineer Super Rare 15914410 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN036 CXyz Mechquipped Djinn Angeneral Super Rare 41309158 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN037 Coach King Giantrainer Secret Rare 30741334 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN038 CXyz Coach Lord Ultimatrainer Secret Rare 88754763 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN039 Norito the Moral Leader Secret Rare 14152862 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN040 CXyz Simon the Great Moral Leader Secret Rare 41147577 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN041 Comics Hero King Arthur Secret Rare 77631175 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN042 CXyz Comics Hero Legend Arthur Secret Rare 13030280 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN043 Battlecruiser Dianthus Super Rare 40424929 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN044 CXyz Battleship Cherry Blossom Secret Rare 76419637 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN045 Skypalace Gangaridai Secret Rare 03814632 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN046 CXyz Skypalace Babylon Secret Rare 49202331 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN047 Photon Alexandra Queen Secret Rare 75797046 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN048 Night Papilloperative Super Rare 02191144 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN049 Unformed Void Super Rare 38180759 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN050 Princess Cologne Secret Rare 75574498 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN051 Baby Tiragon Super Rare 12533811 Xyz Monster
NUMH-EN052 Chakra Super Rare Ritual Monster
NUMH-EN053 Resurrection of Chakra Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
NUMH-EN054 Puppet Ritual Super Rare 01969506 Normal Spell Card
NUMH-EN055 Stoic Challenge Super Rare 37364101 Equip Spell Card
NUMH-EN056 Overlay Capture Super Rare 74852810 Normal Spell Card
NUMH-EN057 Insect Armor with Laser Cannon Super Rare 03492538 Equip Spell Card
NUMH-EN058 Number Wall Secret Rare 00847915 Continuous Trap Card
NUMH-EN059 Heraldry Record Super Rare 37241623 Counter Trap Card
NUMH-EN060 Butterspy Protection Super Rare 63630268 Normal Trap Card

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