Millennium Pack
Sobre Milenio
Set number English name Spanish name Rarity Category
MIL1-SP001 The Winged Dragon of Ra - Immortal Phoenix El Dragón Alado de Ra - Fénix Ultra Rare Effect Monster
MIL1-SP002 Curse of Dragonfire Maldición del Fuego de Dragón Ultra Rare Effect Monster
MIL1-SP003 Holding Arms Brazos Sujetadores Super Rare Effect Monster
MIL1-SP004 Holding Legs Piernas Sujetadoras Super Rare Effect Monster
MIL1-SP005 Gandora the Dragon of Destruction Gandora el Dragón de la Destrucción Common Effect Monster
MIL1-SP006 Gilford the Lightning Gilford el Relámpago Common Effect Monster
MIL1-SP007 Exodius the Ultimate Forbidden Lord Exodious el Señor Prohibido Definitivo Common Effect Monster
MIL1-SP008 Relinquished Renunciado Common Effect Ritual Monster
MIL1-SP009 Dark Master - Zorc Amo Oscuro - Zorc Common Effect Ritual Monster
MIL1-SP010 Sky Galloping Gaia the Dragon Champion Gaia el Campeón Dragón Galopante del Cielo Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
MIL1-SP011 B. Skull Dragon Dragón B. Cráneo Common Fusion Monster
MIL1-SP012 Five-Headed Dragon Dragón de Cinco Cabezas Common Effect Fusion Monster
MIL1-SP013 Rebellion Rebelión Ultra Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
MIL1-SP014 Card of Demise Carta de la Muerte Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
MIL1-SP015 Left Arm Offering Ofrecimiento Brazo Izquierdo Super Rare Normal Spell Card
MIL1-SP016 The True Name El Nombre Verdadero Super Rare Normal Spell Card
MIL1-SP017 Symbol of Friendship Símbolo de Amistad Rare Normal Spell Card
MIL1-SP018 Shrink Colapso Common Quick-Play Spell Card
MIL1-SP019 Scapegoat Scapegoat Common Quick-Play Spell Card
MIL1-SP020 Black Illusion Ritual Ritual de la Ilusión Negra Common Ritual Spell Card
MIL1-SP021 Contract with the Dark Master Contrato con el Señor Oscuro Common Ritual Spell Card
MIL1-SP022 Trap Hole of Spikes Agujero Trampa de Picos Super Rare Normal Trap Card
MIL1-SP023 Ring of Destruction Anillo Destructor Common Normal Trap Card
MIL1-SP024 Nightmare Wheel Rueda de la Pesadilla Common Continuous Trap Card
MIL1-SP025 Gaia The Fierce Knight Gaia el Caballero Feroz Rare Normal Monster
MIL1-SP026 Celtic Guardian Guardián Celta Rare Normal Monster
MIL1-SP027 Red-Eyes B. Dragon Dragón Negro de Ojos Rojos Common Normal Monster
MIL1-SP028 Summoned Skull Cráneo Convocado Common Normal Monster
MIL1-SP029 La Jinn the Mystical Genie of the Lamp La Jinn, el Genio Místico de la Lámpara Common Normal Monster
MIL1-SP030 Launcher Spider Araña Lanzadora Common Normal Monster
MIL1-SP031 Tiger Axe Hacha del Tigre Common Normal Monster
MIL1-SP032 Vorse Raider Jinete Vorse Common Normal Monster
MIL1-SP033 Pendulum Machine Máquina del Péndulo Common Normal Monster
MIL1-SP034 Kuriboh Kuriboh Common Effect Monster
MIL1-SP035 Red-Eyes Black Metal Dragon Dragón de Metal Negro Ojos Rojos Common Effect Monster
MIL1-SP036 Panther Warrior Guerrero Pantera Rare Effect Monster
MIL1-SP037 Viser Des Viser Des Common Effect Monster
MIL1-SP038 Flame Swordsman Espadachín de la Llama Rare Fusion Monster
MIL1-SP039 Thousand Dragon Dragón Milenario Rare Fusion Monster
MIL1-SP040 XYZ-Dragon Cannon XYZ-Dragón Cañón Rare Effect Fusion Monster
MIL1-SP041 Dark Paladin Paladín Oscuro Common Effect Fusion Monster
MIL1-SP042 Toon World Mundo Toon Common Continuous Spell Card
MIL1-SP043 Spiral Spear Strike Golpe de Lanza en Espiral Common Continuous Spell Card
MIL1-SP044 Acid Trap Hole Agujero Trampa de Ácido Rare Normal Trap Card
MIL1-SP045 Metalmorph Metalmorph Common Normal Trap Card
MIL1-SP046 Widespread Ruin Ruina Generalizada Rare Normal Trap Card
MIL1-SP047 Crush Card Virus Virus Aplastacartas Common Normal Trap Card
MIL1-SP048 Kunai with Chain Kunai con Cadena Rare Normal Trap Card

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