Magician's Force
Set number Name Rarity Category
MFC-000 Dark Magician Girl Secret Rare Effect Monster
MFC-001 People Running About Common Normal Monster
MFC-002 Oppressed People Common Normal Monster
MFC-003 United Resistance Common Normal Monster
MFC-004 X-Head Cannon Super Rare Normal Monster
MFC-005 Y-Dragon Head Super Rare Union monster
MFC-006 Z-Metal Tank Super Rare Union monster
MFC-007 Dark Blade Rare Normal Monster
MFC-008 Pitch-Dark Dragon Common Union monster
MFC-009 Kiryu Common Union monster
MFC-010 Decayed Commander Common Effect Monster
MFC-011 Zombie Tiger Common Union monster
MFC-012 Giant Orc Common Effect Monster
MFC-013 Second Goblin Common Union monster
MFC-014 Vampire Orchis Common Effect Monster
MFC-015 Des Dendle Common Union monster
MFC-016 Burning Beast Common Union monster
MFC-017 Freezing Beast Common Union monster
MFC-018 Union Rider Common Effect Monster
MFC-019 D.D. Crazy Beast Rare Effect Monster
MFC-020 Spell Canceller Ultra Rare Effect Monster
MFC-021 Neko Mane King Common Effect Monster
MFC-022 Helping Robo For Combat Rare Effect Monster
MFC-023 Dimension Jar Common Flip monster
MFC-024 Great Phantom Thief Rare Effect Monster
MFC-025 Roulette Barrel Common Effect Monster
MFC-026 Paladin of White Dragon Ultra Rare Effect Ritual Monster
MFC-027 White Dragon Ritual Common Ritual Spell Card
MFC-028 Frontline Base Common Continuous Spell Card
MFC-029 Demotion Common Equip Spell Card
MFC-030 Combination Attack Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
MFC-031 Kaiser Colosseum Common Continuous Spell Card
MFC-032 Autonomous Action Unit Common Equip Spell Card
MFC-033 Poison of the Old Man Common Quick-Play Spell Card
MFC-034 Ante Rare Normal Spell Card
MFC-035 Dark Core Rare Normal Spell Card
MFC-036 Raregold Armor Common Equip Spell Card
MFC-037 Metalsilver Armor Common Equip Spell Card
MFC-038 Kishido Spirit Common Continuous Spell Card
MFC-039 Tribute Doll Rare Normal Spell Card
MFC-040 Wave-Motion Cannon Common Continuous Spell Card
MFC-041 Huge Revolution Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-042 Thunder of Ruler Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-043 Spell Shield Type-8 Super Rare Counter Trap Card
MFC-044 Meteorain Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-045 Pineapple Blast Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-046 Secret Barrel Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-047 Physical Double Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-048 Rivalry of Warlords Common Continuous Trap Card
MFC-049 Formation Union Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-050 Adhesion Trap Hole Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-051 XY-Dragon Cannon Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
MFC-052 XYZ-Dragon Cannon Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
MFC-053 XZ-Tank Cannon Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
MFC-054 YZ-Tank Dragon Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
MFC-055 Great Angus Common Normal Monster
MFC-056 Aitsu Common Normal Monster
MFC-057 Sonic Duck Common Normal Monster
MFC-058 Luster Dragon Ultra Rare Normal Monster
MFC-059 Amazoness Paladin Common Effect Monster
MFC-060 Amazoness Fighter Common Effect Monster
MFC-061 Amazoness Swords Woman Ultra Rare Effect Monster
MFC-062 Amazoness Blowpiper Common Effect Monster
MFC-063 Amazoness Tiger Rare Effect Monster
MFC-064 Skilled White Magician Super Rare Effect Monster
MFC-065 Skilled Dark Magician Super Rare Effect Monster
MFC-066 Apprentice Magician Rare Effect Monster
MFC-067 Old Vindictive Magician Common Flip monster
MFC-068 Chaos Command Magician Ultra Rare Effect Monster
MFC-069 Magical Marionette Common Effect Monster
MFC-070 Pixie Knight Common Effect Monster
MFC-071 Breaker the Magical Warrior Ultra Rare Effect Monster
MFC-072 Magical Plant Mandragola Common Flip monster
MFC-073 Magical Scientist Common Effect Monster
MFC-074 Royal Magical Library Common Effect Monster
MFC-075 Armor Exe Rare Effect Monster
MFC-076 Tribe-Infecting Virus Super Rare Effect Monster
MFC-077 Des Koala Rare Flip monster
MFC-078 Cliff the Trap Remover Common Effect Monster
MFC-079 Magical Merchant Common Flip monster
MFC-080 Koitsu Common Union monster
MFC-081 Cat's Ear Tribe Rare Effect Monster
MFC-082 Ultimate Obedient Fiend Common Effect Monster
MFC-083 Dark Cat with White Tail Common Flip monster
MFC-084 Amazoness Spellcaster Common Normal Spell Card
MFC-085 Continuous Destruction Punch Rare Continuous Spell Card
MFC-086 Big Bang Shot Rare Equip Spell Card
MFC-087 Gather Your Mind Common Normal Spell Card
MFC-088 Mass Driver Common Continuous Spell Card
MFC-089 Senri Eye Common Continuous Spell Card
MFC-090 Emblem of Dragon Destroyer Common Normal Spell Card
MFC-091 Jar Robber Common Quick-Play Spell Card
MFC-092 My Body as a Shield Common Quick-Play Spell Card
MFC-093 Pigeonholing Books of Spell Common Quick-Play Spell Card
MFC-094 Mega Ton Magical Cannon Rare Normal Spell Card
MFC-095 Pitch-Black Power Stone Common Continuous Trap Card
MFC-096 Amazoness Archers Super Rare Normal Trap Card
MFC-097 Dramatic Rescue Rare Normal Trap Card
MFC-098 Exhausting Spell Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-099 Hidden Book of Spell Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-100 Miracle Restoring Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-101 Remove Brainwashing Common Continuous Trap Card
MFC-102 Disarmament Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-103 Anti-Spell Common Counter Trap Card
MFC-104 The Spell Absorbing Life Common Normal Trap Card
MFC-105 Dark Paladin Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
MFC-106 Double Spell Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
MFC-107 Diffusion Wave-Motion Secret Rare Normal Spell Card

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