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Legacy of the Valiant
Worldwide English
Set number Name Rarity Category
LVAL-EN000 Sylvan Bladefender Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN001 White Duston Short Print Normal Monster
LVAL-EN002 ZW - Asura Strike Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN003 Gillagillancer Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN004 Rainbow Kuriboh Secret Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN005 Overlay Sentinel Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN006 Overlay Booster Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN007 Photon Chargeman Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN008 Chronomaly Moai Carrier Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN009 Chronomaly Winged Sphinx Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN010 Deep-Space Cruiser IX Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN011 Gorgonic Golem Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN012 Gorgonic Gargoyle Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN013 Gorgonic Ghoul Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN014 Gorgonic Cerberus Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN015 Sylvan Peaskeeper Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN016 Sylvan Komushroomo Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN017 Sylvan Marshalleaf Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN018 Sylvan Flowerknight Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN019 Sylvan Guardioak Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN020 Sylvan Hermitree Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN021 Ghostrick Jackfrost Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN022 Ghostrick Mary Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN023 Ghostrick Nekomusume Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN024 Ghostrick Skeleton Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN025 Ghostrick Mummy Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN026 Bujin Arasuda Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN027 Bujingi Peacock Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN028 Bujingi Swallow Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN029 Bujingi Fox Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN030 Bujingi Hare Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN031 Gravekeeper's Nobleman Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN032 Gravekeeper's Ambusher Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN033 Gravekeeper's Shaman Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN034 Gravekeeper's Oracle Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN035 Mystic Macrocarpa Seed Common Effect Tuner monster
LVAL-EN036 Kalantosa, Mystical Beast of the Forest Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN037 Nikitama Rare Spirit monster
LVAL-EN038 Black Brachios Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN039 Chirubimé, Princess of Autumn Leaves Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN040 Mobius the Mega Monarch Secret Rare
Ghost Rare
Effect Monster
LVAL-EN041 Sirenorca Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN042 Xyz Avenger Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN043 Tackle Crusader Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN044 Majiosheldon Short Print Effect Monster
LVAL-EN045 Paladin of Photon Dragon Rare Effect Ritual Monster
LVAL-EN046 Number C101: Silent Honor DARK Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN047 Number 101: Silent Honor ARK Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN048 Number 39: Utopia Roots Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN049 Number C69: Heraldry Crest of Horror Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN050 Number C92: Heart-eartH Chaos Dragon Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN051 Gorgonic Guardian Common Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN052 Alsei, the Sylvan High Protector Ultra Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN053 Ghostrick Dullahan Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN054 Bujintei Tsukuyomi Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN055 Fairy Knight Ingunar Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN056 Evilswarm Exciton Knight Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN057 Downerd Magician Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
LVAL-EN058 Leo, the Keeper of the Sacred Tree Rare Effect Synchro Monster
LVAL-EN059 Rank-Up-Magic Astral Force Ultra Rare
Ultimate Rare
Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN060 Rank-Down-Magic Numeron Fall Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN061 Xyz Shift Common Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN062 Luminous Dragon Ritual Common Ritual Spell Card
LVAL-EN063 Mount Sylvania Super Rare Field Spell Card
LVAL-EN064 Ghostrick Museum Common Field Spell Card
LVAL-EN065 Bujinunity Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN066 Hidden Temples of Necrovalley Rare Continuous Spell Card
LVAL-EN067 Onomatopaira Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN068 Xyz Override Common Field Spell Card
LVAL-EN069 Stand-Off Short Print Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN070 Shared Ride Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LVAL-EN071 Release, Reverse, Burst Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN072 Purge Ray Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN073 Sylvan Blessing Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN074 Ghostrick-Go-Round Rare Continuous Trap Card
LVAL-EN075 Bujin Regalia - The Jewel Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN076 Imperial Tombs of Necrovalley Secret Rare Counter Trap Card
LVAL-EN077 The Monarchs Awaken Common Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN078 Skill Prisoner Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN079 Oath of Companionship Rare Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN080 Duston Roller Short Print Normal Trap Card
LVAL-EN081 Sylvan Mikorange Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN082 Ghostrick Yeti Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN083 Bujingi Pavo Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN084 Gravekeeper's Heretic Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN085 Noble Knight Peredur Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN086 Gwenhwyfar, Queen of Noble Arms Secret Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN087 Powered Inzektron Super Rare Effect Synchro Monster
LVAL-EN088 Obedience Schooled Super Rare Normal Spell Card
LVAL-EN089 The First Monarch Secret Rare Continuous Trap Card
LVAL-EN090 Dark Artist Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN091 Swordsman from a Distant Land Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN092 Queen Angel of Roses Super Rare Effect Monster
LVAL-EN093 Rose Witch Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN094 Snapdragon Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN095 Alpacaribou, Mystical Beast of the Forest Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN096 Mighty Warrior Common Effect Synchro Monster
LVAL-EN097 Dododo Buster Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN098 Interplanetarypurplythorny Beast Common Effect Monster
LVAL-EN099 Starship Spy Plane Common Effect Monster

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