Legacy of Darkness
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Set number English name Rarity Card number Category
LOD-EN000 Yata-Garasu Secret Rare 03078576 Effect Monster
LOD-EN001 Dark Ruler Ha Des Ultra Rare 53982768 Effect Monster
LOD-EN002 Dark Balter the Terrible Super Rare 80071763 Fusion Monster
LOD-EN003 Lesser Fiend Rare 16475472 Effect Monster
LOD-EN004 Possessed Dark Soul Common 52860176 Effect Monster
LOD-EN005 Winged Minion Common 89258225 Effect Monster
LOD-EN006 Skull Knight #2 Common 15653824 Effect Monster
LOD-EN007 Ryu-Kishin Clown Common 42647539 Effect Monster
LOD-EN008 Twin-Headed Wolf Common 88132637 Effect Monster
LOD-EN009 Opticlops Rare 14531242 Normal Monster
LOD-EN010 Bark of Dark Ruler Common 41925941 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN011 Fatal Abacus Rare 77910045 Continuous Trap Card
LOD-EN012 Life Absorbing Machine Common 14318794 Continuous Trap Card
LOD-EN013 The Puppet Magic of Dark Ruler Common 40703393 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN014 Soul Demolition Common 76297408 Continuous Trap Card
LOD-EN015 Double Snare Common 03682106 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN016 Freed the Matchless General Ultra Rare 49681811 Effect Monster
LOD-EN017 Throwstone Unit Common 76075810 Effect Monster
LOD-EN018 Marauding Captain Ultra Rare 02460565 Effect Monster
LOD-EN019 Ryu Senshi Super Rare 49868263 Fusion Monster
LOD-EN020 Warrior Dai Grepher Common 75953262 Normal Monster
LOD-EN021 Mysterious Guard Common 01347977 Effect Monster
LOD-EN022 Frontier Wiseman Common 38742075 Effect Monster
LOD-EN023 Exiled Force Super Rare 74131780 Effect Monster
LOD-EN024 The Hunter with 7 Weapons Common 01525329 Effect Monster
LOD-EN025 Shadow Tamer Rare 37620434 Effect Monster
LOD-EN026 Dragon Manipulator Common 63018132 Effect Monster
LOD-EN027 The A. Forces Rare 00403847 Continuous Spell Card
LOD-EN028 Reinforcement of the Army Super Rare 32807846 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN029 Array of Revealing Light Rare 69296555 Field Spell Card
LOD-EN030 The Warrior Returning Alive Rare 95281259 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN031 Ready for Intercepting Common 31785398 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN032 A Feint Plan Common 68170903 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN033 Emergency Provisions Common 53046408 Quick-Play Spell Card
LOD-EN034 Tyrant Dragon Ultra Rare 94568601 Effect Monster
LOD-EN035 Spear Dragon Super Rare 31553716 Effect Monster
LOD-EN036 Spirit Ryu Common 67957315 Effect Monster
LOD-EN037 The Dragon Dwelling in the Cave Common 93346024 Normal Monster
LOD-EN038 Lizard Soldier Common 20831168 Normal Monster
LOD-EN039 Fiend Skull Dragon Super Rare 66235877 Fusion Monster
LOD-EN040 Cave Dragon Common 93220472 Effect Monster
LOD-EN041 Gray Wing Common 29618570 Effect Monster
LOD-EN042 Troop Dragon Common 55013285 Effect Monster
LOD-EN043 The Dragon's Bead Rare 92408984 Continuous Trap Card
LOD-EN044 A Wingbeat of Giant Dragon Common 28596933 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN045 Dragon's Gunfire Common 55991637 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN046 Stamping Destruction Common 81385346 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN047 Super Rejuvenation Common 27770341 Quick-Play Spell Card
LOD-EN048 Dragon's Rage Common 54178050 Continuous Trap Card
LOD-EN049 Burst Breath Common 80163754 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN050 Luster Dragon #2 Super Rare 17658803 Normal Monster
LOD-EN051 Robotic Knight Common 44203504 Normal Monster
LOD-EN052 Wolf Axwielder Common 56369281 Normal Monster
LOD-EN053 The Illusory Gentleman Common 83764996 Normal Monster
LOD-EN054 Robolady Common 92421852 Normal Monster
LOD-EN055 Roboyarou Common 38916461 Normal Monster
LOD-EN056 Fiber Jar Ultra Rare 78706415 Effect Monster
LOD-EN057 Serpentine Princess Common 71829750 Effect Monster
LOD-EN058 Patrician of Darkness Common 19153634 Effect Monster
LOD-EN059 Thunder Nyan Nyan Rare 70797118 Effect Monster
LOD-EN060 Gradius' Option Common 14291024 Effect Monster
LOD-EN061 Woodland Sprite Common 06979239 Effect Monster
LOD-EN062 Airknight Parshath Ultra Rare 18036057 Effect Monster
LOD-EN063 Twin-Headed Behemoth Super Rare 43586926 Effect Monster
LOD-EN064 Maharaghi Common 40695128 Effect Monster
LOD-EN065 Inaba White Rabbit Common 77084837 Effect Monster
LOD-EN066 Susa Soldier Rare 40473581 Effect Monster
LOD-EN067 Yamata Dragon Ultra Rare 76862289 Effect Monster
LOD-EN068 Great Long Nose Common 02356994 Effect Monster
LOD-EN069 Otohime Common 39751093 Effect Monster
LOD-EN070 Hino-Kagu-Tsuchi Ultra Rare 75745607 Effect Monster
LOD-EN071 Asura Priest Super Rare 02134346 Effect Monster
LOD-EN072 Fushi No Tori Common 38538445 Effect Monster
LOD-EN073 Super Robolady Common 75923050 Fusion Monster
LOD-EN074 Super Roboyarou Common 01412158 Fusion Monster
LOD-EN075 Fengsheng Mirror Common 37406863 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN076 Spring of Rebirth Common 94425169 Continuous Spell Card
LOD-EN077 Heart of Clear Water Common 64801562 Equip Spell Card
LOD-EN078 A Legendary Ocean Common 00295517 Field Spell Card
LOD-EN079 Fusion Sword Murasame Blade Rare 37684215 Equip Spell Card
LOD-EN080 Smoke Grenade of the Thief Common 63789924 Equip Spell Card
LOD-EN081 Creature Swap Ultra Rare 31036355 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN082 Spiritual Energy Settle Machine Common 99173029 Continuous Spell Card
LOD-EN083 Second Coin Toss Rare 36562627 Continuous Spell Card
LOD-EN084 Convulsion of Nature Common 62966332 Continuous Spell Card
LOD-EN085 The Secret of the Bandit Common 99351431 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN086 After Genocide Rare 25345186 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN087 Magic Reflector Rare 61844784 Normal Spell Card
LOD-EN088 Blast with Chain Rare 98239899 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN089 Disappear Common 24623598 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN090 Bubble Crash Common 61622107 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN091 Royal Oppression Rare 93016201 Continuous Trap Card
LOD-EN092 Bottomless Trap Hole Rare 29401950 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN093 Bad Reaction to Simochi Common 40633297 Continuous Trap Card
LOD-EN094 Ominous Fortunetelling Common 56995655 Continuous Trap Card
LOD-EN095 Spirit's Invitation Common 92394653 Continuous Trap Card
LOD-EN096 Nutrient Z Common 29389368 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN097 Drop Off Super Rare 55773067 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN098 Fiend Comedian Common 81172176 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN099 Last Turn Ultra Rare 28566710 Normal Trap Card
LOD-EN100 Injection Fairy Lily Secret Rare 79575620 Effect Monster

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