Labyrinth of Nightmare
(TCG - European English)
Set number English name Rarity Card number Category
LON-E000 Gemini Elf Secret Rare 69140098 Normal Monster
LON-E001 The Masked Beast Ultra Rare 49064413 Ritual Monster
LON-E002 Swordsman of Landstar Common 03573512 Normal Monster
LON-E003 Humanoid Slime Common 46821314 Normal Monster
LON-E004 Worm Drake Common 73216412 Normal Monster
LON-E005 Humanoid Worm Drake Common 05600127 Fusion Monster
LON-E006 Revival Jam Super Rare 31709826 Effect Monster
LON-E007 Flying Fish Common 31987274 Normal Monster
LON-E008 Amphibian Beast Rare 67371383 Normal Monster
LON-E009 Shining Abyss Common 87303357 Normal Monster
LON-E010 Gadget Soldier Common 86281779 Normal Monster
LON-E011 Grand Tiki Elder Common 13676474 Normal Monster
LON-E012 Melchid the Four-Face Beast Common 86569121 Normal Monster
LON-E013 Nuvia the Wicked Rare 12953226 Effect Monster
LON-E014 Chosen One Common 21888494 Normal Spell Card
LON-E015 Mask of Weakness Common 57882509 Normal Trap Card
LON-E016 Curse of the Masked Beast Common 94377247 Ritual Spell Card
LON-E017 Mask of Dispel Super Rare 20765952 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E018 Mask of Restrict Ultra Rare 29549364 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E019 Mask of the Accursed Super Rare 56948373 Equip Spell Card
LON-E020 Mask of Brutality Rare 82432018 Equip Spell Card
LON-E021 Return of the Doomed Rare 19827717 Normal Spell Card
LON-E022 Lightning Blade Common 55226821 Equip Spell Card
LON-E023 Tornado Wall Common 18605135 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E024 Fairy Box Common 21598948 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E025 Torrential Tribute Ultra Rare 53582587 Normal Trap Card
LON-E026 Jam Breeding Machine Rare 21770260 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E027 Infinite Cards Rare 94163677 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E028 Jam Defender Common 21558682 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E029 Card of Safe Return Ultra Rare 57953380 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E030 Lady Panther Common 38480590 Effect Monster
LON-E031 The Unfriendly Amazon Common 65475294 Effect Monster
LON-E032 Amazoness Archer Common 91869203 Effect Monster
LON-E033 Crimson Sentry Common 28358902 Effect Monster
LON-E034 Fire Princess Super Rare 64752646 Effect Monster
LON-E035 Lady Assailant of Flames Common 90147755 Effect Monster
LON-E036 Fire Sorcerer Common 27132350 Effect Monster
LON-E037 Spirit of the Breeze Rare 53530069 Effect Monster
LON-E038 Dancing Fairy Common 90925163 Effect Monster
LON-E039 Fairy Guardian Common 22419772 Effect Monster
LON-E040 Empress Mantis Common 58818411 Normal Monster
LON-E041 Cure Mermaid Common 85802526 Effect Monster
LON-E042 Hysteric Fairy Common 21297224 Effect Monster
LON-E043 Bio-Mage Common 58696829 Normal Monster
LON-E044 The Forgiving Maiden Common 84080938 Effect Monster
LON-E045 St. Joan Common 21175632 Fusion Monster
LON-E046 Marie the Fallen One Rare 57579381 Effect Monster
LON-E047 Jar of Greed Super Rare 83968380 Normal Trap Card
LON-E048 Scroll of Bewitchment Common 10352095 Equip Spell Card
LON-E049 United We Stand Ultra Rare 56747793 Equip Spell Card
LON-E050 Mage Power Ultra Rare 83746708 Equip Spell Card
LON-E051 Offerings to the Doomed Common 19230407 Quick-Play Spell Card
LON-E052 The Portrait's Secret Common 32541773 Normal Monster
LON-E053 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams Common 68049471 Normal Monster
LON-E054 Headless Knight Common 05434080 Normal Monster
LON-E055 Earthbound Spirit Common 67105242 Normal Monster
LON-E056 The Earl of Demise Common 66989694 Normal Monster
LON-E057 Boneheimer Common 98456117 Normal Monster
LON-E058 Flame Dancer Common 12883044 Normal Monster
LON-E059 Spherous Lady Common 52121290 Normal Monster
LON-E060 Lightning Conger Common 27671321 Normal Monster
LON-E061 Jowgen the Spiritualist Rare 41855169 Effect Monster
LON-E062 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer Super Rare 88240808 Effect Monster
LON-E063 Summoner of Illusions Common 14644902 Effect Monster
LON-E064 Bazoo the Soul-Eater Super Rare 40133511 Effect Monster
LON-E065 Dark Necrofear Ultra Rare 31829185 Effect Monster
LON-E066 Soul of Purity and Light Common 77527210 Effect Monster
LON-E067 Spirit of Flames Common 13522325 Effect Monster
LON-E068 Aqua Spirit Common 40916023 Effect Monster
LON-E069 The Rock Spirit Common 76305638 Effect Monster
LON-E070 Garuda the Wind Spirit Common 12800777 Effect Monster
LON-E071 Gilasaurus Rare 45894482 Effect Monster
LON-E072 Tornado Bird Rare 71283180 Effect Monster
LON-E073 Dreamsprite Common 08687195 Effect Monster
LON-E074 Zombyra the Dark Common 88472456 Effect Monster
LON-E075 Supply Common 44072894 Effect Monster
LON-E076 Maryokutai Common 71466592 Effect Monster
LON-E077 The Last Warrior from Another Planet Ultra Rare 86099788 Fusion Monster
LON-E078 Collected Power Common 07565547 Normal Trap Card
LON-E079 Dark Spirit of the Silent Super Rare 93599951 Normal Trap Card
LON-E080 Royal Command Ultra Rare 33950246 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E081 Riryoku Field Super Rare 70344351 Counter Trap Card
LON-E082 Skull Lair Common 06733059 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E083 Graverobber's Retribution Common 33737664 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E084 Deal of Phantom Common 69122763 Normal Trap Card
LON-E085 Destruction Punch Rare 05616412 Normal Trap Card
LON-E086 Blind Destruction Common 32015116 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E087 The Emperor's Holiday Common 68400115 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E088 Destiny Board Ultra Rare 94212438 Continuous Trap Card
LON-E089 Spirit Message "I" Rare 31893528 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E090 Spirit Message "N" Rare 67287533 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E091 Spirit Message "A" Rare 94772232 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E092 Spirit Message "L" Rare 30170981 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E093 The Dark Door Common 30606547 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E094 Spiritualism Rare 15866454 Normal Spell Card
LON-E095 Cyclon Laser Common 05494820 Equip Spell Card
LON-E096 Bait Doll Common 07165085 Normal Spell Card
LON-E097 De-Fusion Super Rare 95286165 Quick-Play Spell Card
LON-E098 Fusion Gate Common 33550694 Field Spell Card
LON-E099 Ekibyo Drakmord Common 69954399 Equip Spell Card
LON-E100 Miracle Dig Common 06343408 Normal Spell Card
LON-E101 Dragonic Attack Common 32437102 Equip Spell Card
LON-E102 Spirit Elimination Common 69832741 Normal Spell Card
LON-E103 Vengeful Bog Spirit Common 95220856 Continuous Spell Card
LON-E104 Magic Cylinder Secret Rare 62279055 Normal Trap Card

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