Labyrinth of Nightmare
악몽의 미궁
Set number English name Korean name Rarity Category
LON-KR000 Gemini Elf 쌍둥이 자매 엘프 Secret Rare Normal Monster
LON-KR001 The Masked Beast 가면마수 헬레이저 Ultra Rare Ritual Monster
LON-KR002 Swordsman of Landstar Common Normal Monster
LON-KR003 Humanoid Slime 휴머노이드 슬라임 Common Normal Monster
LON-KR004 Worm Drake Common Normal Monster
LON-KR005 Humanoid Worm Drake Common Fusion Monster
LON-KR006 Revival Jam 리바이벌 슬라임 Super Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR007 Flying Fish Common Normal Monster
LON-KR008 Amphibian Beast 인어 괴물 피셔 비스트 Rare Normal Monster
LON-KR009 Shining Abyss Common Normal Monster
LON-KR010 Gadget Soldier 가제트 솔저 Common Normal Monster
LON-KR011 Grand Tiki Elder Common Normal Monster
LON-KR012 Melchid the Four-Face Beast Common Normal Monster
LON-KR013 Nuvia the Wicked Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR014 Chosen One Common Normal Spell Card
LON-KR015 Mask of Weakness 약체화 가면 Common Normal Trap Card
LON-KR016 Curse of the Masked Beast Common Ritual Spell Card
LON-KR017 Mask of Dispel Super Rare Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR018 Mask of Restrict 제물봉인 가면 Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR019 Mask of the Accursed Super Rare Equip Spell Card
LON-KR020 Mask of Brutality Rare Equip Spell Card
LON-KR021 Return of the Doomed 죽은 자의 생환 Rare Normal Spell Card
LON-KR022 Lightning Blade Common Equip Spell Card
LON-KR023 Tornado Wall Common Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR024 Fairy Box Common Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR025 Torrential Tribute 격류장 Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
LON-KR026 Jam Breeding Machine Rare Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR027 Infinite Cards 무한의 패 Rare Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR028 Jam Defender Common Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR029 Card of Safe Return 생환의 패 Ultra Rare Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR030 Lady Panther Common Effect Monster
LON-KR031 The Unfriendly Amazon Common Effect Monster
LON-KR032 Amazoness Archer 아마조네스의 명사수 Common Effect Monster
LON-KR033 Crimson Sentry Common Effect Monster
LON-KR034 Fire Princess 화염의 프린세스 Super Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR035 Lady Assailant of Flames 화염의 여암살자 Common Flip monster
LON-KR036 Fire Sorcerer Common Flip monster
LON-KR037 Spirit of the Breeze 산들바람의 정령 Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR038 Dancing Fairy 춤추는 요정 Common Effect Monster
LON-KR039 Fairy Guardian Common Effect Monster
LON-KR040 Empress Mantis Common Normal Monster
LON-KR041 Cure Mermaid 프린세스 인어 Common Effect Monster
LON-KR042 Hysteric Fairy Common Effect Monster
LON-KR043 Bio-Mage Common Normal Monster
LON-KR044 The Forgiving Maiden Common Effect Monster
LON-KR045 St. Joan 성녀 잔느 Common Fusion Monster
LON-KR046 Marie the Fallen One Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR047 Jar of Greed Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LON-KR048 Scroll of Bewitchment Common Equip Spell Card
LON-KR049 United We Stand 단결의 힘 Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
LON-KR050 Mage Power 마도사의 힘 Ultra Rare Equip Spell Card
LON-KR051 Offerings to the Doomed 죽은 자를 위한 공물 Common Quick-Play Spell Card
LON-KR052 The Portrait's Secret Common Normal Monster
LON-KR053 The Gross Ghost of Fled Dreams Common Normal Monster
LON-KR054 Headless Knight 목없는 기사 Common Normal Monster
LON-KR055 Earthbound Spirit Common Normal Monster
LON-KR056 The Earl of Demise Common Normal Monster
LON-KR057 Boneheimer 본 해마 Common Normal Monster
LON-KR058 Flame Dancer Common Normal Monster
LON-KR059 Spherous Lady Common Normal Monster
LON-KR060 Lightning Conger Common Normal Monster
LON-KR061 Jowgen the Spiritualist 승령술사 조겐 Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR062 Kycoo the Ghost Destroyer 영멸술사 카이쿠 Super Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR063 Summoner of Illusions 환상소환사 Common Flip monster
LON-KR064 Bazoo the Soul-Eater 혼을 먹는 바즈 Super Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR065 Dark Necrofear 다크 네크로피어 Ultra Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR066 Soul of Purity and Light Common Effect Monster
LON-KR067 Spirit of Flames 화염의 정령 이프리트 Common Effect Monster
LON-KR068 Aqua Spirit 물의 정령 아쿠에리어 Common Effect Monster
LON-KR069 The Rock Spirit Common Effect Monster
LON-KR070 Garuda the Wind Spirit Common Effect Monster
LON-KR071 Gilasaurus 길라사우루스 Rare Effect Monster
LON-KR072 Tornado Bird Rare Flip monster
LON-KR073 Dreamsprite Common Effect Monster
LON-KR074 Zombyra the Dark 다크 히어로 존바이어 Common Effect Monster
LON-KR075 Supply Common Flip monster
LON-KR076 Maryokutai 마력흡수구체 Common Effect Monster
LON-KR077 The Last Warrior from Another Planet 혹성의 마지막 전사 Ultra Rare Effect Fusion Monster
LON-KR078 Collected Power Common Normal Trap Card
LON-KR079 Dark Spirit of the Silent Super Rare Normal Trap Card
LON-KR080 Royal Command Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR081 Riryoku Field 포스 필드 Super Rare Counter Trap Card
LON-KR082 Skull Lair 사령의소굴 Common Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR083 Graverobber's Retribution Common Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR084 Deal of Phantom 수호령의 부적 Common Normal Trap Card
LON-KR085 Destruction Punch 카운터 펀치 Rare Normal Trap Card
LON-KR086 Blind Destruction 무차별파괴 Common Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR087 The Emperor's Holiday 벌거벗은 임금님 Common Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR088 Destiny Board 위저 보드 Ultra Rare Continuous Trap Card
LON-KR089 Spirit Message "I" 죽음의 메시지 "I" Rare Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR090 Spirit Message "N" 죽음의 메시지 "N" Rare Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR091 Spirit Message "A" 죽음의 메시지 "A" Rare Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR092 Spirit Message "L" 죽음의 메시지 "L" Rare Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR093 The Dark Door Common Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR094 Spiritualism Rare Normal Spell Card
LON-KR095 Cyclon Laser 싸이크론 레이저 Common Equip Spell Card
LON-KR096 Bait Doll 저주 인형 Common Normal Spell Card
LON-KR097 De-Fusion 융합 해제 Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
LON-KR098 Fusion Gate 퓨전 게이트 Common Field Spell Card
LON-KR099 Ekibyo Drakmord 바이러스 블랙 더스트 Common Equip Spell Card
LON-KR100 Miracle Dig 기적의 발굴 Common Normal Spell Card
LON-KR101 Dragonic Attack Common Equip Spell Card
LON-KR102 Spirit Elimination Common Normal Spell Card
LON-KR103 Vengeful Bog Spirit Common Continuous Spell Card
LON-KR104 Magic Cylinder 매직 실린더 Secret Rare Normal Trap Card

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