Invasion of Chaos
Worldwide English
Set number Name Rarity Category
IOC-EN000 Chaos Emperor Dragon - Envoy of the End Secret Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN001 Ojama Yellow Common Normal Monster
IOC-EN002 Ojama Black Common Normal Monster
IOC-EN003 Soul Tiger Common Normal Monster
IOC-EN004 Big Koala Common Normal Monster
IOC-EN005 Des Kangaroo Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN006 Crimson Ninja Common Flip monster
IOC-EN007 Strike Ninja Ultra Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN008 Gale Lizard Common Flip monster
IOC-EN009 Spirit of the Pot of Greed Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN010 Chopman the Desperate Outlaw Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN011 Sasuke Samurai #3 Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN012 D.D. Scout Plane Super Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN013 Berserk Gorilla Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN014 Freed the Brave Wanderer Super Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN015 Coach Goblin Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN016 Witch Doctor of Chaos Common Flip monster
IOC-EN017 Chaos Necromancer Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN018 Chaosrider Gustaph Super Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN019 Inferno Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN020 Fenrir Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN021 Gigantes Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN022 Silpheed Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN023 Chaos Sorcerer Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN024 Gren Maju Da Eiza Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN025 Black Luster Soldier - Envoy of the Beginning Ultra Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN026 Drillago Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN027 Lekunga Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN028 Lord Poison Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN029 Bowganian Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN030 Granadora Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN031 Fuhma Shuriken Rare Equip Spell Card
IOC-EN032 Heart of the Underdog Common Continuous Spell Card
IOC-EN033 Wild Nature's Release Super Rare Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN034 Ojama Delta Hurricane!! Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN035 Stumbling Common Continuous Spell Card
IOC-EN036 Chaos End Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN037 Yellow Luster Shield Common Continuous Spell Card
IOC-EN038 Chaos Greed Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN039 D.D. Designator Super Rare Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN040 D.D. Borderline Common Continuous Spell Card
IOC-EN041 Recycle Common Continuous Spell Card
IOC-EN042 Primal Seed Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN043 Thunder Crash Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN044 Dimension Distortion Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN045 Reload Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
IOC-EN046 Soul Absorption Common Continuous Spell Card
IOC-EN047 Big Burn Super Rare Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN048 Blasting the Ruins Common Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN049 Cursed Seal of the Forbidden Spell Common Counter Trap Card
IOC-EN050 Tower of Babel Common Continuous Trap Card
IOC-EN051 Spatial Collapse Common Continuous Trap Card
IOC-EN052 Chain Disappearance Rare Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN053 Zero Gravity Common Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN054 Dark Mirror Force Ultra Rare Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN055 Energy Drain Common Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN056 Giga Gagagigo Common Normal Monster
IOC-EN057 Mad Dog of Darkness Rare Normal Monster
IOC-EN058 Neo Bug Common Normal Monster
IOC-EN059 Sea Serpent Warrior of Darkness Common Normal Monster
IOC-EN060 Terrorking Salmon Common Normal Monster
IOC-EN061 Blazing Inpachi Common Normal Monster
IOC-EN062 Burning Algae Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN063 The Thing in the Crater Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN064 Molten Zombie Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN065 Dark Magician of Chaos Ultra Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN066 Gora Turtle of Illusion Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN067 Manticore of Darkness Ultra Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN068 Stealth Bird Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN069 Sacred Crane Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN070 Enraged Battle Ox Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN071 Don Turtle Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN072 Balloon Lizard Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN073 Dark Driceratops Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN074 Hyper Hammerhead Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN075 Black Tyranno Ultra Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN076 Anti-Aircraft Flower Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN077 Prickle Fairy Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN078 Pinch Hopper Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN079 Skull-Mark Ladybug Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN080 Insect Princess Ultra Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN081 Amphibious Bugroth MK-3 Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN082 Torpedo Fish Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN083 Levia-Dragon - Daedalus Ultra Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN084 Orca Mega-Fortress of Darkness Super Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN085 Cannonball Spear Shellfish Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN086 Mataza the Zapper Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN087 Guardian Angel Joan Ultra Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN088 Manju of the Ten Thousand Hands Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN089 Getsu Fuhma Rare Effect Monster
IOC-EN090 Ryu Kokki Common Effect Monster
IOC-EN091 Gryphon's Feather Duster Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN092 Stray Lambs Rare Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN093 Smashing Ground Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN094 Dimension Fusion Ultra Rare Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN095 Dedication through Light and Darkness Super Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
IOC-EN096 Salvage Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN097 Ultra Evolution Pill Rare Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN098 Multiplication of Ants Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN099 Earth Chant Common Ritual Spell Card
IOC-EN100 Jade Insect Whistle Common Normal Spell Card
IOC-EN101 Destruction Ring Rare Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN102 Fiend's Hand Mirror Common Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN103 Compulsory Evacuation Device Rare Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN104 A Hero Emerges Common Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN105 Self-Destruct Button Common Normal Trap Card
IOC-EN106 Curse of Darkness Rare Continuous Trap Card
IOC-EN107 Begone, Knave! Common Continuous Trap Card
IOC-EN108 DNA Transplant Common Continuous Trap Card
IOC-EN109 Robbin' Zombie Rare Continuous Trap Card
IOC-EN110 Trap Jammer Super Rare Counter Trap Card
IOC-EN111 Invader of Darkness Secret Rare Effect Monster

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