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Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars
(TCG - Worldwide English)
Set # Name Rarity Card # Category
HA07-EN001 Gem-Knight Sardonyx Super Rare 43114901 Gemini monster
HA07-EN002 Laval Phlogis Super Rare 89609515 Effect Monster
HA07-EN003 Gishki Avance Super Rare 16693254 Effect Monster
HA07-EN004 Gusto Griffin Super Rare 42082363 Effect Monster
HA07-EN005 Constellar Sheratan Super Rare 78486968 Effect Monster
HA07-EN006 Constellar Aldebaran Super Rare 15871676 Effect Monster
HA07-EN007 Constellar Algiedi Super Rare 41269771 Effect Monster
HA07-EN008 Constellar Pollux Super Rare 78364470 Effect Monster
HA07-EN009 Constellar Zubeneschamali Secret Rare 14759024 Effect Monster
HA07-EN010 Constellar Virgo Super Rare 40143123 Effect Monster
HA07-EN011 Evilswarm Heliotrope Super Rare 77542832 Normal Monster
HA07-EN012 Evilswarm Zahak Super Rare 03536537 Effect Monster
HA07-EN013 Evilswarm Ketos Super Rare 40921545 Effect Monster
HA07-EN014 Evilswarm O'lantern Super Rare 72429240 Effect Monster
HA07-EN015 Evilswarm Mandragora Super Rare 08814959 Effect Monster
HA07-EN016 Evilswarm Hraesvelg Super Rare 35209994 Effect Monster
HA07-EN017 Evigishki Levianima Secret Rare 71203602 Ritual Monster
HA07-EN018 Gem-Knight Zirconia Super Rare 08692301 Fusion Monster
HA07-EN019 Lavalval Chain Secret Rare 34086406 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN020 Daigusto Emeral Secret Rare 00581014 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN021 Constellar Hyades Secret Rare 47579719 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN022 Constellar Pleiades Secret Rare 73964868 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN023 Evilswarm Nightmare Super Rare 00359563 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN024 Evilswarm Bahamut Secret Rare 36757171 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN025 Molten Conduction Field Secret Rare 72142276 Normal Spell Card
HA07-EN026 Gishki Photomirror Super Rare 09236985 Ritual Spell Card
HA07-EN027 Constellar Star Chart Secret Rare 35631584 Continuous Spell Card
HA07-EN028 Fragment Fusion Super Rare 72029628 Normal Trap Card
HA07-EN029 Dust Storm of Gusto Super Rare 08414337 Normal Trap Card
HA07-EN030 Infestation Infection Secret Rare 35419032 Continuous Trap Card
HA07-EN031 D.D. Esper Star Sparrow Secret Rare 80208158 Effect Monster
HA07-EN032 Beast-Warrior Puma Super Rare 16796157 Effect Monster
HA07-EN033 Phoenix Beast Gairuda Super Rare 43791861 Effect Monster
HA07-EN034 Ironhammer the Giant Super Rare 79185500 Effect Monster
HA07-EN035 D.D. Jet Iron Super Rare 15574615 Effect Monster
HA07-EN036 Aye-Iron Super Rare 42969214 Effect Monster
HA07-EN037 Tin Goldfish Super Rare 18063928 Effect Monster
HA07-EN038 Gearspring Spirit Super Rare 45458027 Effect Monster
HA07-EN039 Gem-Knight Lazuli Super Rare 81846636 Effect Monster
HA07-EN040 Gishki Natalia Super Rare 17241370 Spirit monster
HA07-EN041 Constellar Siat Super Rare 44635489 Effect Monster
HA07-EN042 Constellar Rasalhague Super Rare 70624184 Effect Monster
HA07-EN043 Constellar Leonis Super Rare 17129783 Effect Monster
HA07-EN044 Constellar Acubens Super Rare 43513897 Effect Monster
HA07-EN045 Constellar Kaus Secret Rare 70908596 Effect Monster
HA07-EN046 Constellar Alrescha Super Rare 16906241 Effect Monster
HA07-EN047 Constellar Antares Super Rare 42391240 Effect Monster
HA07-EN048 Evilswarm Castor Super Rare 79785958 Effect Monster
HA07-EN049 Evilswarm Obliviwisp Super Rare 05284653 Effect Monster
HA07-EN050 Evilswarm Azzathoth Super Rare 42679662 Effect Monster
HA07-EN051 Evilswarm Thunderbird Secret Rare 78663366 Effect Monster
HA07-EN052 Evilswarm Salamandra Super Rare 04058065 Effect Monster
HA07-EN053 Evilswarm Golem Super Rare 31456110 Effect Monster
HA07-EN054 Evilswarm Coppelia Super Rare 77841719 Effect Monster
HA07-EN055 Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth Secret Rare 04335427 Effect Monster
HA07-EN056 Gishki Psychelone Super Rare 30334522 Ritual Monster
HA07-EN057 Gishki Zielgigas Secret Rare 66729231 Ritual Monster
HA07-EN058 Gem-Knight Seraphinite Super Rare 03113836 Fusion Monster
HA07-EN059 Gem-Knight Master Diamond Secret Rare 39512984 Fusion Monster
HA07-EN060 Tin Archduke Secret Rare 66506689 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN061 Constellar Praesepe Secret Rare 02091298 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN062 Constellar Ptolemy M7 Secret Rare 38495396 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN063 Evilswarm Thanatos Secret Rare 65884091 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN064 Evilswarm Ophion Secret Rare 91279700 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN065 Evilswarm Ouroboros Secret Rare 38273745 Xyz Monster
HA07-EN066 Iron Call Secret Rare 64662453 Normal Spell Card
HA07-EN067 Constellar Star Cradle Super Rare 90156158 Normal Spell Card
HA07-EN068 Infestation Pandemic Secret Rare 27541267 Quick-Play Spell Card
HA07-EN069 Constellar Meteor Super Rare 63545861 Normal Trap Card
HA07-EN070 Infestation Terminus Super Rare 90934570 Normal Trap Card
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