Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars
Hidden Arsenal 7: Knight of Stars
Set number English name German name Rarity Category
HA07-DE001 Gem-Knight Sardonyx Edelstein-Ritter Sardonyx Super Rare Gemini monster
HA07-DE002 Laval Phlogis Laval-Phlogis Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE003 Gishki Avance Gishki-Vorankündiger Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE004 Gusto Griffin Gusto Greif Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE005 Constellar Sheratan Sternzeichen-Kundler Sheratan Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE006 Constellar Aldebaran Sternzeichen-Kundler Aldebaran Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE007 Constellar Algiedi Sternzeichen-Kundler Algiedi Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE008 Constellar Pollux Sternzeichen-Kundler Pollux Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE009 Constellar Zubeneschamali Sternzeichen-Kundler Zuben-el-schemali Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE010 Constellar Virgo Sternzeichen-Kundler Jungfrau Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE011 Evilswarm Heliotrope Übelschar-Heliotrop Super Rare Normal Monster
HA07-DE012 Evilswarm Zahak Übelschar-Zahak Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE013 Evilswarm Ketos Übelschar-Ketos Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE014 Evilswarm O'lantern Übelschar-O'lantern Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE015 Evilswarm Mandragora Übelschar-Mandragora Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE016 Evilswarm Hraesvelg Übelschar-Hraesvelg Super Rare Flip monster
HA07-DE017 Evigishki Levianima Evigishki-Levianima Secret Rare Effect Ritual Monster
HA07-DE018 Gem-Knight Zirconia Edelstein-Ritter Zirkonia Super Rare Fusion Monster
HA07-DE019 Lavalval Chain Lavalval-Kette Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE020 Daigusto Emeral Daigusto Emeral Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE021 Constellar Hyades Sternzeichen-Kundler Hyaden Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE022 Constellar Pleiades Sternzeichen-Kundler Pleiaden Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE023 Evilswarm Nightmare Übelschar-Albtraum Super Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE024 Evilswarm Bahamut Übelschar-Bahamut Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE025 Molten Conduction Field Geschmolzenes Leitungsfeld Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
HA07-DE026 Gishki Photomirror Gishki-Fotospiegel Super Rare Ritual Spell Card
HA07-DE027 Constellar Star Chart Sternzeichenkarte Secret Rare Continuous Spell Card
HA07-DE028 Fragment Fusion Splitterfusion Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HA07-DE029 Dust Storm of Gusto Staubsturm von Gusto Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HA07-DE030 Infestation Infection Befallinfektion Secret Rare Continuous Trap Card
HA07-DE031 D.D. Esper Star Sparrow D.D. Telepath Sternenspatz Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE032 Beast-Warrior Puma Ungeheuer-Krieger Puma Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE033 Phoenix Beast Gairuda Phönix-Ungeheuer Gairuda Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE034 Ironhammer the Giant Eisenhammer der Riese Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE035 D.D. Jet Iron D.D. Jet Eisen Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE036 Aye-Iron Aye-Eisen Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE037 Tin Goldfish Blech-Goldfisch Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE038 Gearspring Spirit Uhrwerk-Geist Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE039 Gem-Knight Lazuli Edelstein-Ritter Lazuli Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE040 Gishki Natalia Gishki Natalia Super Rare Spirit monster
HA07-DE041 Constellar Siat Sternzeichen-Kundler Siat Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE042 Constellar Rasalhague Sternzeichen-Kundler Rasalhague Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE043 Constellar Leonis Sternzeichen-Kundler Leonis Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE044 Constellar Acubens Sternzeichen-Kundler Acubens Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE045 Constellar Kaus Sternzeichen-Kundler Kaus Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE046 Constellar Alrescha Sternzeichen-Kundler Alrescha Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE047 Constellar Antares Sternzeichen-Kundler Antares Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE048 Evilswarm Castor Übelschar-Castor Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE049 Evilswarm Obliviwisp Übelschar-Vergessenslicht Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE050 Evilswarm Azzathoth Übelschar-Azzathoth Super Rare Flip monster
HA07-DE051 Evilswarm Thunderbird Übelschar-Donnervogel Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE052 Evilswarm Salamandra Übelschar-Salamandra Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE053 Evilswarm Golem Übelschar-Golem Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE054 Evilswarm Coppelia Übelschar-Coppelia Super Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE055 Sophia, Goddess of Rebirth Sophia, Göttin der Wiedergeburt Secret Rare Effect Monster
HA07-DE056 Gishki Psychelone Gishki Psychelone Super Rare Effect Ritual Monster
HA07-DE057 Gishki Zielgigas Gishki Zielgigas Secret Rare Effect Ritual Monster
HA07-DE058 Gem-Knight Seraphinite Edelstein-Ritter Seraphinit Super Rare Effect Fusion Monster
HA07-DE059 Gem-Knight Master Diamond Edelstein-Ritter Meisterdiamant Secret Rare Effect Fusion Monster
HA07-DE060 Tin Archduke Blech-Erzherzog Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE061 Constellar Praesepe Sternzeichen-Kundler Praesepe Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE062 Constellar Ptolemy M7 Sternzeichen-Kundler Ptolemy M7 Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE063 Evilswarm Thanatos Übelschar-Thanatos Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE064 Evilswarm Ophion Übelschar-Ophion Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE065 Evilswarm Ouroboros Übelschar-Ouroboros Secret Rare Effect Xyz Monster
HA07-DE066 Iron Call Eiserner Ruf Secret Rare Normal Spell Card
HA07-DE067 Constellar Star Cradle Sternzeichenwiege Super Rare Normal Spell Card
HA07-DE068 Infestation Pandemic Befallpandemie Secret Rare Quick-Play Spell Card
HA07-DE069 Constellar Meteor Sternzeichenmeteor Super Rare Normal Trap Card
HA07-DE070 Infestation Terminus Befallstopp Super Rare Normal Trap Card

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