Gold Series 2009
Worldwide English
Set number Name Rarity Category
GLD2-EN001 Sangan Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN002 Des Volstgalph Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN003 Lekunga Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN004 Lord Poison Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN005 Rigorous Reaver Common Flip monster
GLD2-EN006 Zaborg the Thunder Monarch Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN007 Mobius the Frost Monarch Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN008 Thestalos the Firestorm Monarch Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN009 Granmarg the Rock Monarch Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN010 Treeborn Frog Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN011 Phantom Beast Cross-Wing Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN012 Phantom Beast Wild-Horn Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN013 Phantom Beast Thunder-Pegasus Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN014 Phantom Beast Rock-Lizard Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN015 Winged Rhynos Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN016 Snipe Hunter Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN017 The Six Samurai - Yaichi Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN018 The Six Samurai - Kamon Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN019 The Six Samurai - Yariza Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN020 The Six Samurai - Nisashi Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN021 The Six Samurai - Zanji Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN022 The Six Samurai - Irou Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN023 Volcanic Rocket Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN024 Volcanic Shell Common Effect Monster
GLD2-EN025 Elemental HERO Captain Gold Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN026 Raiza the Storm Monarch Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN027 Necro Gardna Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN028 Elemental HERO Neos Alius Common Gemini monster
GLD2-EN029 Test Tiger Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN030 Royal Firestorm Guards Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN031 Dark Armed Dragon Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN032 Prime Material Dragon Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN033 Caius the Shadow Monarch Gold Rare Effect Monster
GLD2-EN034 Exile of the Wicked Common Normal Spell Card
GLD2-EN035 Warrior Elimination Common Normal Spell Card
GLD2-EN036 Giant Trunade Common Normal Spell Card
GLD2-EN037 Mind Control Gold Rare Normal Spell Card
GLD2-EN038 Skyscraper Common Field Spell Card
GLD2-EN039 Future Fusion Gold Rare Continuous Spell Card
GLD2-EN040 Gold Sarcophagus Gold Rare Normal Spell Card
GLD2-EN041 Shien's Castle of Mist Common Field Spell Card
GLD2-EN042 Six Samurai United Common Continuous Spell Card
GLD2-EN043 Veil of Darkness Gold Rare Continuous Spell Card
GLD2-EN044 Solemn Judgment Gold Rare Counter Trap Card
GLD2-EN045 Bottomless Trap Hole Gold Rare Normal Trap Card
GLD2-EN046 Compulsory Evacuation Device Common Normal Trap Card
GLD2-EN047 Begone, Knave! Common Continuous Trap Card
GLD2-EN048 Phoenix Wing Wind Blast Gold Rare Normal Trap Card
GLD2-EN049 Return of the Six Samurai Common Normal Trap Card
GLD2-EN050 Double-Edged Sword Technique Common Normal Trap Card

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